==> Bel: Get some bad news.

You’re covered from horns to toes in mud when your phone beeps the troll morse code for AD, indicating Jethro is trolling you.

It’s been a productive day. You dug up the old corrugated flex-pipe that ran from Galley’s reservoir tank to his cabin, drained and cleaned the tank, installed more durable pipe, replaced the long-corroded old pump, and started the reservoir refilling – for the first time since, presumably, shortly after Galley was taken away – with fresh, filtered river water instead of muddy backwash.

Then you cut out the old rusty pipes, which made a terrible racket but went pretty fast, and set the drone to putting in the replacement plumbing. You’d been hoping to get it all done in time to have a bath, but it’s getting on toward morning and you’re pretty sure the drone has hours of work left to do.

So instead of bathing properly, you just take Buglet down to the river for a wash. You sit chest-deep in the shallows in your shorts, grub on your head, to swipe the mud off yourself. When it comes time to rinse your hair, you hold Buglet up in one hand to keep it out of the water while you lie back. But it gives a sudden squirm and falls. You sit up quickly, prepared to rummage a panicky drowning grub out of the weeds, but find that the fat little creature floats quite nicely. You pick it up. It spits water at you, gives a piercing crow of triumph, and rolls off your hand into the water again.

You get your phone out, but you don’t answer your texts yet; you need the camera first. You film Buglet using your hand as a diving board. Buglet bobbing around between your knees, all six tiny pointy legs paddling madly. Buglet spitting and blowing bubbles. You perch it on a lily pad, and it’s light enough that it doesn’t sink it, though when you try to have Buglet wear a water lily as a hat it tries to eat the lily and in the process capsizes the leaf. When you fish it out, curled around its tasty flower prize, it makes a noise that sounds suspiciously like a laugh. As for you, you’ve been laughing all along.

Finally, you spread out a beach towel on the shore and lie on it to drip-dry. Buglet burrows into the crook of your neck, gnawing sleepily on your hair. You send Galley and Lu the video you took. Then, at last, you answer Jethro.

AD: = bro please tell me you got some kinda trackin device on erskin

AD: = bro cmon

AD: = look i don’t wanna be that guy but this is kinda fuckin important so would you answer yer fuckin texts

AD: = bro

CH: * I’ve been doing construction, I was covered in mud. What’s your emergency?

AD: = do you got a tracker on him or not

CH: * Why do you ask?“


You sit up, sending Buglet tumbling across the towel with a protesting squeak. The last time Jethro used allcaps, to the best of your knowlege, was when Galley was dying. He’s not easy to upset. Your stomach feels heavy all of a sudden.

CH: * Yes, I have a tracker. Give me a moment to check it.

AD: = oh thank fuck

You get out your husktop and call up the tracker’s coordinates, and also the record of Erskin’s computer use. What you find makes that heavy feeling so much worse.

CH: * He guessed I was tracking him. He ordered a bunch of flyers at once, and his husktop is now in a hivecluster called Glass Canyon. Which is on the other side of the planet.

CH: * He is not, of course, with it. I turned on its camera and it’s lying on its side on the floor of an empty vehicle.

AD: = shit

CH: * Jethro, you need to tell me everything.

He does. A few posts in, you extract Buglet from the sand where it was experimentally burying itself and cuddle it against your shoulder, mainly because you want to hug a pillow and you don’t have a pillow, but also because holding a delicate tiny creature will keep you from throwing a husktop-destroying tantrum. Buglet seems to sense your distress; at least, it paws at your hair with its little hooked feet as if trying to groom you.

AD: = you get why i din’t tell you before, right?

CH: * Yes.

CH: * I’ll troll you later.

AD: = uh… bro, you ok?

CH: * That doesn’t matter.

The little pencil icon, indicating he’s typing something, is lit up when you sign off, but you don’t bother signing back in. You feel lightheaded. You feel sick.

This is your fault. You could’ve stopped Erskin going, but you chose to use him as a stalking horse, and now he’s given you the slip – not only is he not leading you to Cloris, but you’ve lost track of him as well. You underestimated his abilities to an idiotic degree – just because he’s terrible with technology doesn’t mean he couldn’t put two and two together and guess you had a tracker in his husktop. He probably thought it was a bug you stuck inside it, rather than a hack that gave you access to its native GPS function, but that doesn’t matter when he ditched the whole machine.

How could you have screwed up so badly? You’re the one who kept telling him he’s not stupid, were you not listening to yourself? Did you not believe what you were saying? You’re the stupid one. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

"Blep.” Buglet is bored with being used as a comfort object. It starts trying to climb your hair. You disentangle it while it blows spit bubbles in your face.

Comfort isn’t what you need right now anyway. What you need is focus. And a plan. And Cloris’s head on a platter.

Giving up is not an option. Erskin Aspera is yours. No one is allowed to bully him but you.

Taylor is so original with all of her performances and I love that so much like she doesn’t play anything in any way we could possibly expect and she’s always changing things up and surprising us 

The Old Lady...

Jack was right. Do not under-estimate Juve! I wish they could have pulled one more goal in yesterday’s match… They definitely tried! Just to make their trip to Madrid easier. But I’ll take 2-1… And put on earmuffs every time a pundit says, “Real just need to win 1-0 in Madrid…” Duh, I fucking know that. Oh, and Madrid looked awful yesterday… Totally lost their shape… No one seemed to know what their role was… Well, except Ronaldo… “I will just stand in front of the goal and wait for someone to feed me…”

Today… Pep returns to Barca with Bayern… The match is currently recording… I hope we don’t start it too soon… I need an edge as to the outcome and The Silverback’s subsequent mood. Although he did note just moments ago - “It’s not like I hate Bayern… Oh, but I so love hating Real Madrid!” Any outlet for his anger is good… Especially a footie team on the other side of the Atlantic!

Ok. Apollo would play bright electric and classical guitar, and probably something like the euphonium.

Hermes would play the trumpet. And probably the banjo.

Zeus would play the violin and a lot of really intense percussion.

Haides would play rough electric guitar, with Persephone on the bass and possibly a chorus of the damned.

Not sure why, but I’m feeling Iris on the xylophone.

Artemis would play the violin too, high and lonely, and sing quiet wild songs.

Athena would have to play the cello, because nothing is better designed, and nothing sounds more wise.

I can see Hera at a tall, stately harp, probably gold.

Dionysos plays contrabass saxophone and piccolo and ukulele. And wild, jazzy piano.

Hephaistos plays gongs and xylophones and musical saw, playing with all the ways He can make metal sing.

Poseidon would blow a conch shell and play the accordion, and brush cymbals until you could hear crashing waves.

Ares plays oboe and electric guitar, and sometimes stomping, driving double bass.

Demeter plays viola and makes Zeus sound good. Athena would appreciate the value of a descant under the keening violin, like screaming winds.

Aphrodite plays the cello too, and also gentle piano–the cello is the closest instrument in range to a human voice, and it’s been called seductive. She and Athena play Vivaldi together and let the violinists have their fun; They know where the beautiful parts are.

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Say it ain't so! Johnny and Ellen? What would Ophelia say?

fyi. I will be ignoring all future anonymous asks about why I don’t play my game a certain way. Thank you and Fuck off! 

What I Wore | Goldenrod

WhatIWore: The weather in Southern Indiana has been beautiful this week, and we’ve been spending a lot of time outside to enjoy it. Lately that means starting the day walking Adam to work. It’s a fun routine and forces me and Felix to get ready for the day instead of lounging around in jammies until noon the whole day like we did during the winter.  I’m still loving this skirt and playing around with different ways to wear it. I’ll probably do a white tank top and hat the next time around, but I’d love some of your ideas on what could work too. Help me out on facebook

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Today in absurd claims from valerie

apparently I’m engaged in a genocide of trans women

also this jumbled mess “Citations and analysis instead of unevidenced allegations or it didn’t happen, you transmisogynistic, kapoistic, gaslighting fuck. Jebus fucking Newton, when a TNG episode has already played your praxis all the way to the end you’d think you’d have cottoned onto the problem with your little, “become TERF enough that the TERFs think I’m SCUMmy enough to be in the auxilliary, ‘ideology.’“

like what does that even mean?

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got to your blog from the down with cis notes post. have been trying to figure out why your name sounded familiar. then I realised. literally the one Magic card I know is "Chandra's Phoenix". my friend tried to teach me to play, then graduated. either way from my limited experience I've decided Chandra is my favourite and thus your url is awesome

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Do you think that "fixing" the story is like last year a matter of having things play out the same way (seems too thematically repetitive ... but) OR could it be they restore things as "we" know it BUT with fixes? I.e. differences (no D.O., etc.)

A “do over” is a cop out and insulting to your audience because it’s lazy.

What I believe they need is to actually acknowledge the problems with these character relationships and SHOW it in the future episodes.

So, instead of Regina saying “Robin is just a part of my happy ending” and expecting everyone to swallow that, maybe actually show her as finding some kind of happiness prior to his return? Or really go all out and let Regina actually chose not to be with him because she actually CAN make her own destiny. I mean, honestly, what Regina needs has never been a fucking love interest. What she needs is freedom, choice, and empowerment. That’s where she (in a better story) would find her happiness.

Or, in the case of Emma, moving forward without do overs, HOOK’S CONSTANT LIES NEED TO COME TO LIGHT. Emma needs to see who he really is and tell him, “You lied to me! All you’ve ever done is lie to me! Even your goodness is a lie, it’s a front to win me like some prize!” And then she dumps his ass and they follow through on all the tons of set up they’ve already done that points to Hook not actually being redeemed at all and he instantly returns to being and asshole because Emma was “his only reason to stay good.”

The saddest thing is they always have plenty of foundation. They really could turn things around at any time, they just choose not to capitalize on their potential.

It reminds me a lot of how JK Rowling said something about how she should have had Harry and Hermione end up together because that’s where the narrative was going but she ignored it out of a desire to adhere to her own original vision (don’t quote me on that I haven’t read the series and I don’t have the source but that’s the gist of it). I feel like that’s what Adam and Eddy do constantly. The story presents these incredible unforeseen options, or starts to veer away from what they’d first intended, but instead of rolling with that they try to back track to the last point they felt like they were successful in their vision and cram that into whatever is currently happening which is why instead of the amazing potential stories the show has to offer we end up with retcons and plot holes.

TL;DR They need to acknowledge their mistakes and allow the story to move forward without trying to micromanage and force stories that aren’t working