emergencysquid said:

♧: More Aiko and Mamoru. (They're just so damn cute together.)

(I will never turn down fluffy outlaws and playing with hair is my favorite thing. You have no idea.)

“How come you always keep your hair braided at night?” Mamoru asked as he picked up the end of Aiko’s hair, his rough fingers playing with the soft strands. The dawn’s first light was glowing softly around the edges of the curtains, but the detective was in no hurry to rise.

“Because it’s long, so it gets tangled if I sleep with it down.” The thief yawned, covering her mouth with her fist in a fruitless attempt to hide it. “It takes forever to brush it out when I forget.”

“That must be somethin’, since you already take forever,” Kishi teased her, earning an eye roll. While she was looking away, he gently tugged the elastic out of her hair and started separating the plaited strands with his fingers. Aiko offered no protest, watching in silence as his big hands combed through her long hair with surprising patience, loosing the occasional tangle and spreading the smooth chestnut locks over the pillow as he finished.

“Having fun?” she finally asked when he was in the middle of the second braid.

“Maybe,” he mumbled, a touch of pink coloring his cheeks at her teasing. “But it’s okay when it’s just us.”

Grinning, she reached out and twirled a bit of his eternally tousled hair around her finger. “Yes, of course it is.”

I wish I had someone who I could just cry to and vent to when I’m upset and someone who will just hold me and play with my hair and let me cry and not care that nothing I’m saying makes sense

anonymous said:

Start posting nudes of yourself and boys will be there playing with your hair

Or I could stop posting nudes and using my body purely as a sexual object. And maybe then a boy would respect me enough to play with my hair.
Fuck you anon, you piece of shit.

I just want someone to hold me. And call me sweet names and not get mad when I can’t decide what I want and will just play with my hair and just stick by my side. For just fucking once, will someone please stop being oblivious to my pain. You don’t even have to try to make me feel better, just sit in silence and hold me and tell me things you want me to know, not what I want to hear.


i’m on the battlefield 
knocking soldiers down
like house of cards
i’m a one woman army