I know I’m going to be out of that CC for my Gale playthrough in under an hour cause I want to get into the game ASAP (& get to smooching a certain noodlehead) & I know what I want for her. But shit man, the playthroughs after that? I’m going to be exploring & experimenting the shit out of that CC.

Ok, for real, if a friend comes to you with HEY DID YOU SEE THIS THING? IT LOOKS SO NEAT AND I AM SO EXCITED

don’t immediately go “well hopefully it won’t be as shit as the previous thing.” And when they start to tell you why they actually enjoyed previous thing, don’t continue with “honestly this sounds like this other thing that was really hyped and didn’t work out.”

I didn’t come here to get told why my excitement is invalid. If you don’t agree, just hang onto your skepticism for a little bit and nod politely. Friendship is not only complaining about stuff together, it’s also about letting each other be excited for things even if you don’t get it.

We are probably aware of the potential problems. Really. We know. And we’d be discussing those with people who have more specific concerns than “what if it’s like fable lol”

Don’t tell me I’m pretty.
Tell me that I make you reckless.
Tell me that you’re a fucking disaster without me.
Tell me that you’ve been waiting all your life for me.
Tell me that I’m the roar that’s shaking trees and banging on houses and raging alongside the storm.
Tell me that I’m a poem without a happy ending, because you know those are the best kind.
Just don’t ever simplify me to pretty.
—  N.E.W.,  Pretty Is Petty