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Platform Manila round 2

40 booths, a central blogger and guest lounge, a DJ booth and stage. Live music, art, and energy. The Platform event becomes kilometer zero for the day as the country’s youngest and most dynamic designers, creators, and entrepreneurs exercise their style, networking, sales, and marketing skills. The event aims to be the youth’s first “grown up” culture convention, as well as an opportunity for the market to understand the scope of what kids today are capable of.

Awesome Items from The Flying Dutchman

Today, I think was the most worse day of my life, well it’s not in a bad way. I just realized that my fashion sucks! And a whole lot of people are trying to make our country dress well, fashionable and artistic-looking in a not so expensive kind of way. Young entrepreneurs from around the metro showcased to the public, how our generation dresses.

This is surely an event I’ll never forget my whole life, it changed how I looked at myself and gave me a whole new perspective in the world of fashion, plus I almost spent 7,000 pesos trying to change my lifestyle in a day. Wew! I think I need a miracle. i wish Tim Yap or Chio Pio would come to my house with a truck full of men’s apparel.