Plataran Bali Resort and Spa
Kerobokan, Bali

Makan Paradiso
Four days into the Island of the gods and I think I’ve discovered what I can only describe as the restaurant of the Balinese gods. 

The circumstances that led to discovery was completely fortuitous.

If I didn’t put up at the Plataran Bali Resort and Spa, I wouldn’t have had the incentive to wake up early every day to the morning call of chipping birds and distant rustle of overhead leaves. If I didn’t wake up early every morning, I wouldn’t have taken breakfast at the resort. And if I didn’t take breakfast at the resort, I wouldn’t have discovered their wonderful Mie Goreng (fried noodles). 

Ah, the wonderful Mie Goreng. My previous encounters with this culinary species were limited to the instant IndoMie variety. This Mie Goreng is not IndoMie. It was al dente, chewy but not food-processed bouncy. It was tasty on its own and didn’t need the additional seasoning of the kicap manis, which I’ve become accustomed to when in Indonesia. 

The breakfast at Plataran gave me the courage to order room service for dinner three nights in a row. While not every meal was as great a hit, nothing was a miss. And the meals opened my taste buds to the overwhelmingly delicate flavours of the ayam pentol (chicken meatballs) with glass noodles and the ayam betutu (smoked chicken).

You can tell from the meatballs that everything is made fresh and from scratch. They were juicy and packed a powerful taste of chicken. The meat of the smoked chicken was beyond tender, with a mildly spicy and salty taste that gives it a flavourful beauty.



Sometimes, you just know when a wedding will be an awesome one. And this is one of those. When I first met them at the technical meeting, I have known how their wedding will have so many genuine moments. And as matter of fact, it did! This wedding has tons of genuine moments, the moments that will take your breath away. From their wedding vow to the chicken dance! You can see how everyone enjoy themselves at the wedding. They can even make the group photos became so much fun :D It is an outdoor traditional wedding, you won’t find that a lot these recent days, and it makes this wedding even more memorable :) I shot the wedding with tons of excitement and laugh. We are blessed with beautiful weather that gives us some stunning images. And we wish that this great couple will be blessed with happiness though their marriage life.


Bosen nunggu, then i found this image. Super duper late post sih ahahha, eniwey you’re such a tower em! with Debora, Émilie, and Wina at Plataran – View on Path.

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