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hey, I'm thinking of cosplaying Cole from DA:I and I came across yours while looking for reference photos. You've pulled him off really well, do you have any tips on putting that outfit together? (mostly the hat, and the trousers). Thank you!

Thank you very much for the compliment on my Cole cosplay!

The pants are made of pleather and were a pain (individually sewn together strips to create that criss cross pattern).

The hat rim is thick interfacing covered with suade. A hole is cut in the middle for the head with the suade hole left longer than the interfacing hole (it is really difficult to explain making a costume in text so bare with me..). Now take a kids
Costume plastic helmet (anything similar to Cole’s works). Paint it silver. Now take the suade in the middle of the hat brim and hot glue it to the inside of the plastic hat. In the front of the hat pinch the front-most part of the hat and hit glue a brown elastic to the underneath part and then glue the other end to the plastic hat. This lifts the front of the hat. To make the shape more secure hand sew in between the held up part of the brim to help it maintain a pinched shape.

Best of luck!!! I hope at least some of this was coherent XD my apologies if it’s really confusing! :/

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✬ our muses share a new years eve kiss

Kurt walked quickly on tip-toe, although he had no real need to sneak since everyone in the room was shouting at the top of their lungs. He pounced quickly, throwing his arms around Dave’s waist before snapping a plastic, party hat on the boy’s head. Obnoxiously, Kurt blew a party horn near Dave’s ear, giggling as he did so. The party guests had begun the count down, yelling loudly over the ball drop playing on the television. “You have to kiss me.” Kurt beamed, not yet drunk, but certainly a little tipsy. “I won’t even mind if your mouth tastes like vodka.” Kurt tugged on Dave’s jacket sleeve until he turned around so he could press their chests together. “Four.” Kurt joined in on the countdown, slipping his arms around Dave’s neck, “Three.” He leaned in so their lips were nearly touching, “Two….” As everyone cheered, Kurt pressed his lips against, David’s, lacing his fingers through Dave’s short hair. They locked lips for a few seconds more before Kurt pulled away to yank Dave into the hallway’s coat closet.

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