THE MAN WHO SAVED CHOCOLATE: The world’s chocolate may be in short supply, but don’t panic! Cocoa growers are working with a varietal developed by scientist Homero Castro, over 40 years ago, to ensure we never run out.


The world might be running out of chocolate! For the last few decades, we’ve been consuming more chocolate than we’re able to produce. This is mostly due to the fact that a majority of the world’s cocoa plants are being threatened by a fungus known as witch’s broom. In the 1960’s a scientist named Homero Castro decided to take it upon himself to invent a new strain of the cocoa plant that would be resistant to this type of fungus.

He traveled to a cocoa farm in Ecuador that had been devastated by witch’s broom, and began cross-breeding plants to find a new strain. He failed 50 times until strain number 51 finally produced results. He called it CCN 51. The strain was resistant to…