I found this on that database of gardening tools for disabled people, and because I don’t having the most dextrous or reliable hands in the world (especially when it’s cold), I thought it looked pretty awesome!

The Tenax Pro Seeder

  • The pro seeder works by creating a vacuum to pick up and hold seeds on its tip for easy planting
  • It makes sowing tiny seeds easy and helps reduce seed wastage
  • The hand held pro seeder uses the same technology as commercial seeding machines
  • It includes three different sized color coded needle tips to sow seeds of all shapes and sizes
  • Designed by a leading seeder machine manufacturer; eliminates seed wastage and time thinning out
(North America / Europe)
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Cuz, I’m a nice sister. Planted and made a Succulents pot for the twin’s desk. GRAB ALL DEM COMPUTER RADIATION! (Or so they say. Bwah ha ha!!)
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