Travel. I need to go already.

I’m sick of just having wanderlust. I need to go, see, taste. 

I get flight benefits though my mother and it’s time I start using them. It’s way to sweet of an offer to pass up and who knows how long she’ll have this job. All I have to do is pay the flight taxes and fly standby. That’s 9% of the full ticket cost.

I also finally got around to renewing my passport. It should be here by October.

I’m going to slowly buy the things I would need over the next three months so I don’t have have any other expenses. I want to travel light. So far I bought the Kyte 36L pack from Osprey (which will double over for camping) and a travel micro fiber towel. I want to have everything ready so I can just go when I have the time.

I’m also going to set aside 50$ a month for a travel fund. If I open an account at the credit union on campus they also give me 200$ just for signing up! So even if I don’t get to leave the country in 2014 I’ll have enough saved up to go on a mini adventure within the country.

Advice: Planning Question

Anonymous asked: Should I start writing my story after I’ve fully planned it? I’ve planned out the first, like, 4 to 5 chapters in real detail and I was wondering if I should start writing these chapters will planning the rest at the same time. Thanks for all the help!

There’s no right or wrong way to plan, so it’s entirely up to you. :) Some people prefer to plan everything out ahead of time, some people prefer to wing it. You’re somewhere in the middle, which is fine! You can write out the chapters you have planned and then plan the next several chapters, or plan as you go. Whatever works best for you. :)

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The Animators Eye - Planning and Composition
Francis Glebas, Director, Animator, Storyboard Artist, and author of “Directing the Story” discusses planning your animation.
This two-part series is shared via FocalOnline

Part one embedded above, part two here:

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Hello, dear followers!

A lot of you were asking about outlining/planning a novel. Particularly about my thoughts on which outline method is the ‘best.’ So I thought I would remind you all that I have actually done a video about this c;

In this video I answer the question:

Max, do you think it’s better to outline a novel before you write the first draft? Or, is it better to dive in and see what unfolds?

Additionally, if you’re looking for more writing advice about getting started with writing (or writing your first novel) make sure to check out my MEGA Masterpost! Oh, and if you enjoyed the video above— you should subscribe to my Youtube Channel~ ♥︎

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