Help For Outlining Scenes

What (Outcome)

  • Happens during this scene?
  • Is the scene meant to reveal/expand on? (plot, character, setting, etc.)

Who (Focus)

  • Are the major characters/focus in this scene?
  • Is the reader meant to support in this scene?
  • is the protagonist/antagonist in this scene?

Why (Purpose)

  • Is this scene important? What purpose does it serve?

When (Time)

  • Does this scene take place chronologically?

How (Process)

  • Is this scene supposed to make the reader feel?
  • Can this scene evoke those emotions via syntax, imagery, dialogue, etc?

Wednesday, November 5th (2014)

I have so many tests coming up that I have to make a proper study schedule to survive this month. Yesterday after coming home from library and being so exhausted, I noticed I had got the 2000th follower, which feels quite surreal. Thank you everyone and good luck with your exam and tests (cause hard work isn’t always enough)!

taken on Monday, Oct. 27 (2014)

I was feeling really overwhelmed with everything yesterday and got a headache as well as huge anxiety and panic for my history exam that I had today (Oct. 28) which made me decide to take an hour off to calm down and slowly go over everything that I planned for this week while filling in my homework planner and having a big bowl of microwave popcorn and all of that on my bed while cuddling with my stuffed bulldog from IKEA who I’ve named Brutus. It really helped and made me wind down some bit.

Actually amazing what some time off can do for your mind, body and soul.


Happy Friday! So I didn’t get to finish a lot before that grind time- realistically I aim to high sometimes lol oh well. Have a good one! It’s almost the weekend. Oh yasssss. #happyfriday #filofaxmaramania #filofaxgoodies#filofaxer#filofaxlove#ilovemyfilofax#journaling#planning#kikkik#organiser#plannerlove#plannernerd#planneraddict#filofax#filofaxaddict#kikkik#agenda#filolove#filofaxmania#socute#mtn#hobonichi#livelifeandcreate#katespade


Tip Tuesday #93

Use a variety of references for your costume! Aim for official pictures of the front, back and side view but also look at fanart and other cosplayers to help make sense of a complicated design, or make decisions about the costume. 

This is great for characters with hair that is depicted as two different colours (such as blue or black). Looking at other cosplayers can help determine which looks best in real life, and fanart can let you know what the widely-accepted colour is. 

When I'm asked how I manage teaching, planning and marking twelve courses at once, taking my own course, and having a social life and my own personal time

My outer response:


My inner response:


How I handle it: