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National Novel Writing Month is almost upon us! Are you ready for 30 days of literally abandon? I sure hope so! :D Otherwise, though, you have no reason to worry because I’ve compiled answers to the most common NaNoWriMo problems, along with a bunch of helpful links!

If you want to see my silly face (and hear of the ridiculous challenge I am going to be doing during NaNoWriMo) then feel free to give the video above a spin! Otherwise, you can just head over below and checkout the answers to your questions~ ♥︎

  • If the problem is that you don’t have a story idea… No need to worry! I have been making Story Seeds and Weird Prompts for over 2 years. Of course, you’re allowed (and encouraged) to change, twist, and combine prompts as you see fit! No sourcing necessary c;
  • If the problem is that you haven’t done any outlining… You’re in luck! I have a two-part video where I go over my system for brainstorming, fleshing out, and plotting a novel! Click HERE to check it out :D
  • If the problem is that you’ve lost the motivation… I have just the thing for you! I recently uploaded a video titled ‘How to Regain the Motivation to Finish your Novel' and it contains my *best* piece of advice for reigniting the flame and getting back into writing!
  • If the problem is that you’re a little rusty… Then you’ve come to the right place c; My youtube channel is full of Writing Exercises and Writing Challenges!

Finally, I have a couple extra things for you! :D

  • If you need a little more help fleshing out characters… you should head over to my collection of Character Questions!
  • If you need a little bit of encouragement… you should check out my Writer Positivity page, and remember that if you have a writing question you can always send it my way!
  • Finally, if you love listening to music while writing… then head over to my 8tracks page and pick up one of my many Writing Playlists! Made by writers, for writers c;

I hope this helps~ ♥︎

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31 Days of Planning
  1. How are you planning on planning your novel? How are you going to outline it? Are you going to split your novel into chapters? Will there be parts?

  2. Outlining 101-

  3. Research writing/ planning articles and how tos such as tumblr blogs and nanowrimo links

  4. Write down 10 things you specifically want to be in your novel.

  5. What styles are you going to write your novel in? What POV? Is the narrator to the point, rambly, or satiristic?

  6. Read a book based off of the same themes/ similar writing style you want your book to be.

  7. Write a brief synopsis (a paragraph) of your novel idea.

  8. Write 3 fake reviews that would appear on the back of your book. Judging from those, what kind of impact do you want to have on the readers?

  9. Describe themes of your novel. (Religion, war, love, etc)

  10. Describe your characters as if they were a color.

  11. Separate your novel plan into chapters or parts. Give each section a title. Even if your plan is not yet complete, conjure up a vague idea of how your novel will go in your mind. Break up the plan into sections and title away.

  12. Plan a scene revolving around your character finding out something they weren’t supposed to know. (It doesn’t have to be part of your novel! Consider it character building.)

  13. How does your character relieve frustration, anger, and/or hurt?

  14. What are the animals in your novel’s world like? If your novel takes place on modern earth, what type of animals can be found in your novel’s setting?

  15. Have another character describe your main character, after your main character has died. Who, if anyone, the other character is describing the MC to is up to you.

  16. Write one characteristic each for your top 5 characters of the novel.

  17. What are your character’s sexualities? How is sexuality viewed in your world? Are gays a minority?

  18. What are your character’s races? How is race viewed in your world? Are there minority races?

  19. What is your world’s legal system like? Is it lenient? Harsh? What are some examples of punishments for possible crimes?

  20. Has your character ever done drugs? If so, which ones? Why? With who, if anyone? Does your world even have drugs? If so, does it have a drug problem? How are drugs viewed in your character’s world?

  21. Your character does something they would not usually do. What is it? Why did they do it?

  22. Describe your characters as if they were a part of nature.

  23. You’ve outlined your novel. Now do it again, using a different method.

  24. Have an hour long planning sesh with chicken in a raft playing in the background.

  25. Describe your main character eloquently and pompously.

  26. What would your characters last words be? Profound? Silly? Personal? Sad?

  27. Describe how your character would react if they found themselves homeless for a week. What would they do?

  28. Create writing playlists for NaNoWriMo and Tramo. Base a playlist over a character, and what kind of music taste your charrie would listen to. Try to connect different moods and themes into your playlists. Share music suggestions with your fellow tramoers!

  29. Describe your main character’s worst environment possible. (i.e., if they get claustrophobic, a small room full of a crowd of people) Find a way to incorporate this into your novel.

  30. Find quotes to use as your characters’ mottos.

  31. Review all of the planning you’ve done this month. Do you feel ready? Is there anything you need to change or add before you start writing?

Frame Weekly Organizer

For this creative idea, you will need

  • A picture frame set like the one pictured above, with plenty of small frames. You can find these many places. Make sure it has at least 7 frames
  • Decorative cardstock paper (or: wallpaper, wrapping paper, patterns, pictures, colored paper)
  • Letter stickers (optional)
  • Dry Erase markers

Cut your card stock paper into 5x7” rectangles, or however big your frames are. The size should be on the frame. Most frames have a cardboard back that is removable and you can use to trace the shape. Write or place your letter stickers on the card stock to spell out days of the week. Be conscious of how you are going to place them in the frame; will it be vertical or horizontal? Place the cutouts into the frame. If your frame is metal, glue a magnet to the side of the dry erase marker and attach it to the frame. Otherwise you may just want to find a way to get it to stay on the frame.

Write some notes on top of the glass, that way you can erase with ease!

ri- said:

Hey I'm in a little bit of a pickle!! I feel like I have such great original ideas for stories but I always sort of hit a wall when it comes to the actual planning and plotting and then later writing of these ideas! I've never actually written much of anything other then the mandatory school essay and a few short stories for English! I've always been a decent writer But not crazy good! I was just wondering where to start and how to turn my ideas into a real story!

Practice! To improve, to get past this wall, you have to actually write! That’s the only way I’m afraid!

How to make a plan

Beginning a story

How do you plan a novel

Getting started

Everything on planning

Hope these help!