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I'm going to commit suicide on my 19th birthday in october because nobody cares and i'll feel it through my whole body. just though somebody should know.

People do care, darling. They really do.

When you’re depressed, I’ve described it before as being trapped in this room in your mind. You have just gone deeper and deeper until you’re in the back of the building, locking yourself in a little room. All around you are your worst thoughts of being worthless, unloved, not cared for, and lots of other self hate. However, there are people banging on that door, those windows, but it’s blocked out by all these words (and even actions) you’re using against yourself. You physically just can’t see that these people are trying to get to you and you deny it.

You have to get yourself out of this room to see that you’re loved and cared for. You can do this by helping yourself. Do little things that make you feel better. Get outside each day. Find one thing to hold on to and live for that. Eventually you can add to that list as you live on. Here is a long list of reasons to live, and you can add even more to it because it’s truly endless. Find things you can do. Here is also a list to help you be happier. You can do this, love. You’ll slowly get yourself walking towards that door. You can let in the people you love and see that they do care. Then you can let in even more people because there are so many people that care about you that you can’t even imagine how many. People that don’t know you would care about you.

You can make it through this. Talk to someone and get some help recovering because you aren’t alone and shouldn’t feel alone. You can make it. You have all the strength in the world.


Squatting is also an intervention in urban development and renewal, i.e. urban and housing politics and spatial adjustment, which is reinterpreted and shifted. Squatting often involves attempts to practice non-hierarchical and participatory organizational models. Squatted social centers offer an alternative mode of activities such as critical and radical political meetings and counter-cultural events outside of, and in antagonism with, commercial circuits. Social center activists and squatters are thus often engaged in broader protest campaigns and social movements, fighting against precariousness, urban speculation, racism, neo-fascism, state repression, militarization, war, locally unwanted land use, privatization of education/university reforms.

Miguel Martínez, Gianni Piazza and Hans Pruijt 'Introduction'

to ‘Squatting in Europe: Radical Spaces, Urban Stuggles’ by Squatting Europe Kollective

Going back to college!

I’m so excited to start senior year. I thought I would share with you what I’m doing to get ready to go back. So here we go!

Supplies I’m Packing:

I never buy my school supplies from the college bookstore unless I’m absolutely desperate because the price markup is ridiculous. Usually, I wait for the end of summer back-to-school sales and stock up. This year I found some great deals!

I’m bringing:

  • a one subject notebook for each of my classes (4)
  • a file folder for each class
  • a single 3” binder that I use to store copies of my typed notes
  • an academic planner
  • my social/life planner
  • post-it notes/flags
  • pens/pencils/highlighters

This may seem like a short list, but its everything I really need to get the work done without my system becoming crazy complicated. Yes I use two planners. One is strictly for school assignments. Its small and easy to pack around. The other has my entire life in it and it spends a lot of time safe at home on my desk.

Study Schedule:

I have always tried to plan a basic layout of my week ahead of school starting. Knowing a little better what I’m in for makes the semester run more smoothly from the start. With a basic study schedule in place I can inform my boss what hours I’m available, make necessary appointments with my advisers and ease into classes without feeling crazy.


Here’s what my basic schedule looks like so far. It looks packed, but remember this is just an attempt to layout all of the things I think I might need to do in any given week. I will be much more flexible in reality.

Planning for Individual Classes:

Before classes start, I label my notebooks and set up a note system I think will work. I also print the syllabus provided and put all of the important dates on my calendar. If the professor makes materials available ahead of time, I print them and begin reviewing. Summers are a slow time for me and I love using the spare minutes to get ahead.

These are just a few of the things I have been working on to get ready for my senior year. If you have any questions or want more details let me know!

Good luck and happy studying!


Why We Don’t Recommend Couples Counseling for Abusive Relationships

Therapy can be very effective for some couples who are working through difficult relationship issues. However, if abuse is present in the relationship, we do not recommend that couples seek counseling together. The primary reason we don’t recommend couples counseling is that abuse is not a “relationship” problem. Couples counseling may imply that both partners contribute to the abusive behavior, when the choice to be abusive lies solely with the abusive partner.

Head over to to read this blog post in its entirety.

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The Animators Eye - Planning and Composition
Francis Glebas, Director, Animator, Storyboard Artist, and author of “Directing the Story” discusses planning your animation.
This two-part series is shared via FocalOnline

Part one embedded above, part two here:

A waffle wedding cake! 

"My cousin got married last year and at the reception they had a really delightful breakfast-for-lunch affair, with a giant griddle and a jolly chef flipping pancakes dramatically. I thought of that wedding when I spotted this charming waffle cake — hello, wedding brunch!"

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Hello, dear followers!

A lot of you were asking about outlining/planning a novel. Particularly about my thoughts on which outline method is the ‘best.’ So I thought I would remind you all that I have actually done a video about this c;

In this video I answer the question:

Max, do you think it’s better to outline a novel before you write the first draft? Or, is it better to dive in and see what unfolds?

Additionally, if you’re looking for more writing advice about getting started with writing (or writing your first novel) make sure to check out my MEGA Masterpost! Oh, and if you enjoyed the video above— you should subscribe to my Youtube Channel~ ♥︎