Hi guys!

A couple of weeks ago i made some templates for timetables, plans, and other things like that, and i thought that some of you might like to use them! So i (eventually) figured out how to use Google Drive, and put up some documents that i thought someone might like to use! So if you want to go check them out you can find them here!

On the site at the moment are:

My Essay Plan template

My Study Checklist template

My Weekly Planner

A copy of the weekly planner with the times taken out, in so you can change it to suit your schedule

A blank extended weekly planner, with more boxes to allow for more hours or shorter blocks!

I hope some of you find them useful! xxxxx


What is a bullet journal?

For me, my bullet journal is my life it’s how I organize everything.

1. My journal is not like a fancy moleskin or anything. I got my journal on sale at Target for a fraction of the price and it’s almost the complete same.
2. Index-
Your index is extremely important it helps a lot with knowing where everything is.
3. If that’s not really your thing, you can do what I do and put labeled tabs on the side.
4. Key-
The key also holds importance, because it really helps the organization of the list and provides a system to know the state of your tasks.
5. Calendar-
The month calendar is my favorite part, because it’s where I plan everything in advance and put in future events.
6. Weekly planner-
The planner portion is where you make your lists for everyday. What I like about this is the ability to customize. If I wanted to make a longer/shorter list I can I’m not limited by space in most planners. You are also able to use other symbols to represent different tasks (due dates, events, etc.).
7. Goals-
A lot of people do monthly goals, but I easily forget. It’s easier to do weekly goals on sticky notes for me.

nocturnalpostings asked:

Can you help me get organized. I have so much late work

I am also struggling to keep all of my to-do lists organized, and I have a ton of stuff to do tonight so this will be a drive-by answer for now.

First off, if you have a ton of late work then you should take a look at why you’re doing other things instead of that work and take steps to either find a balance or figure out whether you really want to be doing the work–I know this could get me excommunicated from studyblrland, but I am a huge advocate for taking time off from college to figure out what you really want to do. College will always be there to welcome you back when you are ready to commit to it. It will cost you less money and less frustration if you wait until you know for sure why you’re there.

As long as you’re forcing yourself to do something you don’t really want to do, you’re not going to get anything out of it other than a mediocre grade and the satisfaction that at least it’s finally over. If you want to actually learn stuff, then find the things you want to learn and commit to those things.

As for keeping due dates organized…

My organization system for now consists of a binder with my planner and my assignment tracking sheet, and my iPad case which has a pocket for a reminder sheet and my priority notecards which I copied from another Tumblr post (but can’t find right now).

The assignment sheet and priority notecards are the big ones for me lately because they’re more portable than my binder. Plus, I need to have all of my due dates and deadlines copied in multiple places so I have repeat reminders because I flake out and forget stuff all the time.

Constant accountability is what keeps me on track to do stuff. I cannot promise that it will keep you doing things on time (since my transcripts are about a week overdue at this point) but it will at least be a good reminder of what you should be doing first.

Here’s my priority card for the next few days:

When I finish something I’ll check it off in the little highlighter boxes. Blue pen is for class, green is for work, red is for bills, purple is for personal/blog stuff. I think the importance/urgency grid is pretty self-explanatory in terms of keeping priorities in perspective? I’ve seen other people make these with check boxes, but I like the highlighter squares because colors. Also some of them look like the shape of Iowa, which is a bonus for me.

Finished my last exam on friday ! Feels so good to be free. I’m planning out the next month and relaxing this week before I start my coop work term at the hospitals research centre next week. Im both excited and nervous to be working full time until the end of December. Even though I won’t be going back to classes until January I’ll be starting to study for the MCAT ! Just need to buy the books :)

Skype Study Session Google Spreadsheet

Hello Everyone,
So, the spreadsheet has been updated for the week (27th April- 3rd May)

It includes: 

- Timings when I will be available on skype
- How it works 
- Matrix of countries from which people are on skype

If anyone wants to know anything more, my ask is 24x7 open. Feel free to drop by !!

I would recommend that you go through this spreadsheet before you ask me any questions. Hopefully, I have mentioned everything there.

This spreadsheet is available to anyone with the link 

Archna Yadav (studysofuckinghard)

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