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planetleslie replied to your post: Easy rule: If your poem would lose abs…

Uh oh, the poetry police are firing indiscriminately into the crowd.

I know you’re trying to be snide here but I’m going to ignore that. Fact is, as a writer you can write whatever you want, however you want. But if you want to be a good writer then you’ve always got to look to improve the different aspects of your writing. What I addressed is part of a bigger truth: If you want to improve the effect your writing has as a whole, then you need to become aware of the individual effect every little thing you put into your piece has with regards to the rest of the little things in there. The only way to do that is to learn how to spot what and where the essentials of your piece (your message) are, and then see what the extra parts you’ve inserted add to your message (whether it enhances or focuses your message, or whether it distracts from it with meandering or an off-topic point).

It’s no foreign piece of advice for writers that to increase the impact of your writing, you should remove all the unnecessary. So many of our writing idols say this it’s almost gospel. All I did was give a little advice on how to spot when your message’s impact would increase if you changed its form; e.g. switch it from a poem to prose. Sometimes you start writing one way and it’s only later that you realise it would work much better another way. But only if you know how to look at your pieces critically.

It’s a method that works really well for me, so I shared. Admittedly I didn’t use words that would coddle every hurt writer’s pride that would inevitably come along, but what I wrote wasn’t insulting in any way. I know I hate being criticised or reviewed (I get defensive as fuck about it, though I try not to) but throwing advice on my side of internet isn’t the same as giving an unsolicited review to a specific writer. It’s general advice people can choose to take or ignore, just like all advice.

planetleslie replied to your post “It’s actually making me really sad that i’ll only have my brown hair…”

I looooove gray. When I dry shampoo my hair, I don’t rub in the white; I love the way it looks so much. Also, girrrrrrl you can color it!! I’m sure none of this is making you feel better but please know you are beautiful. Very very beautiful :)

It’s so silly. I know I could dye it and everything would be cool. Something about it not being my natural color anymore makes me sad. Like an old friend has dyed (peh heh heh puns)  or something.