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Sailor Moon Astrology: Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Aquarius is the star sign that represents the flirtatious and charismatic yet stubborn Haruka Tenoh, who was born on January 27th. The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus (historically, it was ruled by Saturn, but the discovery of Uranus in the 1700s prompted astrologists to hand Aquarius over to it) and it’s associated with the element of air. As always, Naoko Takeuchi sure knew what she was doing when she picked a sign for Haruka! Anyway, here are the positive and negative traits associated with Aquarius:

Positive Traits/Strengths

  • Independent
  • Strong-willed
  • Friendly
  • Charismatic
  • Clever
  • Loyal

Negative Traits/Weaknesses

  • Stubborn
  • Sarcastic
  • Rebellious
  • Aloof
  • Detached
  • Extremist

All of these traits sound like they fit a certain someone, don’t they?

Let’s unpack the positives first. First and foremost, Haruka is highly independent and strong-willed. She seems to like spending time alone and doesn’t care what anyone says or thinks about her. As for being strong-willed, Haruka is someone who has very strong convictions and sticks with them through thick and thin. Once she starts something, she follows it through to the end.

Haruka is also known for being very friendly, extroverted, and charming. She is shown to have many admirers and instantly charms every person she meets with her charisma and silver tongue. She seems to enjoy being outgoing and charming and it comes to her naturally. Haruka is also quite clever; not only is she witty, she’s able to use her intellect to her advantage during battles and when investigating the enemy. Finally, Haruka is fiercely loyal to anyone and anything she is close to and/or has sworn herself to protecting. She is intensely loyal and devoted to her duty and her mission as a Sailor Senshi, considering it to be her true purpose in life. Haruka is loyal to Michiru, and later to the makeshift family they create that includes Setsuna and Hotaru. And finally, Haruka is loyal to her Princess, Usagi. Even though she doesn’t always show it, Haruka has undying loyalty towards Usagi and would give up her life to save Usagi’s without hesitation.

Now, onto the negatives. Stubbornness has to be one of Haruka’s most prominent traits, especially during her earlier appearances; it goes hand in hand with her being strong-willed. Once Haruka gets it in her head that something must be done a certain way, it’s almost impossible to get her to consider otherwise. We see this trait pop up time and time again throught the series. Haruka is also quite sarcastic, using it as a defense mechanism or just for the fun of it. Streaks of rebelliousness can also be seen in Haruka, especially concerning how she originally tried to run away from her duty as a Senshi.

Haruka’s also rather aloof and standoffish at points; this is most prominent during her interactions with the Inner Senshi during the S arc, when she refuses to help them or explain anything. Her detached nature also plays into this; at first, Haruka tries to keep others (Michiru in particular) at a distance. Haruka is hesitant to let people close to her heart because she is terrified of losing them or, worse, being forced to choose her duties over them. And finally, Haruka is something of an extremist. To her, there is no middle path; it’s always all or nothing. Her thinking is pretty black and white, and it shows through her interactions with the Inner Senshi.

In a nutshell, Aquarians are very interesting people who are almost always very strong-willed. They are opinionated and strong in their convictions - they will fight vehemently for what they believe in. However, they are willing to change their minds if shown evidence to the contrary. They love mankind and will do anything for the masses - but they have little emotional investment for the individual; “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” comes to mind. They can become so dedicated to a cause that they drive themselves to complete exhaustion, even physical injury. They are extremely likable and charming, although they usually keep others at a distance. And finally, Aquarians are prone to extreme eccentricity and are rarely content with being followers.

Clearly, Aquarius is the best sign possible for Haruka!

Maladies and Remedies

"Okay. Don’t freak them out with your riches." he said as they came to a stop on a doorstep. "These are-"

"Normal people who eat cornflakes. Got it. Jesus." he rolled his eyes and rang the doorbell. "I’m not from planet Uterus, you know."

"It’s planet Uranus."

Kai threw him a bewildered look. “Whatever.” he muttered at last as the door swung open.

A middle-aged fat man peeped out with bulged eyes. “Oh you’re here! Come on in!” he cooed and caught Kai’s arm before hauling him into the house. Utterly stumped, Kai staggered in and stopped to stare around the living area. It didn’t look as small as he expected it to be, only very ugly. Filled with junks and flotsam and jetsams. “I was expecting someone smaller.”

"Yeah, me too." Kai muttered and side-eyed Lay who looked similarly confused.

"Please, sit down, boys." he looked too hyper for some reason.

Kai plodded over to the ruined and worn out couch before timidly taking his seat. “Are you Mr Do?” asked Lay.

"Oh yes, I am." he grinned, flumping on the single couch. "Which one of you is going the tutor?"


"I hope you are. You look very charming." he told Kai.

"I’m not offended at all." Lay sighed.

"Wait." Kai cut in. "Tutor for…?"

"My second son. I told your tuition center about it."

"Oh yes." Kai nodded. "Uh.. yeah I don’t know the specifics, though."

"Oh. I’ll be happy to enligten you, Mr?"

"Just call me Kai."

"Kai! Alright." he clapped his hands once. "My son, you see, is very bad at Math and Science."

Lay just had to scoff that second and Kai looked daggers at him. “I see. Is it.. Se…hun?” he asked the man.

"Oh no. Why would I want you to tutor a boy who’s like Einstein of the house?!"

Kai gulped. “Einstein?”

"The great scientist, Kai." Lay whispered.

"I know." he hissed back. "Uhm Mr Do, I’m not a tu-" he was cut off by the sudden thud from the room next door. All the heads instantly turned to see the splattered milk and cornflakes on the floor along with the bowl and then the wheelchair. Kai slowly lifted his head to see a full-grown boy sitting on the wheelchair, trying to reach down and take hold of the bowl.

"Oh god. Sehun-ah. Hold it." Mr Do jumped onto his feet and hurried to the kitchen before crouching down.

"No, it’s okay. I can-" the boy struggled but Mr Do had already picked the bowl up.

"They do eat cornflakes." Lay muttered but Kai barely heard any of it as he stared at the boy. His heart had stopped beating by now as he sat there, frozen and goosefleshed.

"I’m really sorry." Sehun murmured, looking up at his uncle.

"It’s alright, son." Mr Do tousled Sehun’s hair and handed him a cloth. "Jini’s tutor’s here. He apparently knows you live here. Might wanna go and say hi. I’ll get you some new cornflakes."

"Thank you." he turned the wheelchair and glanced over at Kai and Lay who were probably staring at him like idiots. "Hi." he greeted, making his way to the living area.

"Hi." Lay said but Kai couldn’t find the air in his lungs or the voice in his throat to speak. "I’m Lay." he stood up and extended a hand.

"I’m Sehun." he grinned, shaking hands with Lay. "Are you the tutor?"

"No. Mr Do got it wrong. We’re-"

"I am." Kai interrupted and Sehun finally turned his gaze to him. "I… I-I’m.. the tutor." he let out.

Sehun nodded with a smile. “Hope you can do something about Jini. He’s really, really naughty.”

Kai’s whole body went lame as he raked Sehun. He was exceptionally beautiful with milky white skin, rosy lips and burnt sienna hair.

"This is my nephew. My late sister’s son." Mr Do introduced, returning to the living area. "Such a good boy."

"I’m sorry, but… what happened to you?" Kai asked with chest as heavy as a boulder.

"Accident." said Mr Do and Kai looked for a hint of sadness in Sehun’s face but found none. Sehun was probably used to sympathy.

"I’m going to be late for my lecture. You guys talk." Sehun said and left the place. Kai practically kept rewinding the image of seeing such a beautiful boy crippled and seated on a wheelchair.

"Accident, you say." Kai breathed out, casting his eyes low and felt Lay’s hand on his back.

"Yeah. Well, it was… terrible. He lost his parents in the accident. And then he had some.. spinal problem. Lost all the sensation below his waist. But then it recovered. But he had some damages with the nerves. So now he can feel his lower waist but not below his knees. So he can’t walk. Poor chap."

"We’re really sorry." Lay said, rubbing Kai’s back a little.

"I also have another son who is desperately looking for a job. It’s difficult even with a business management degree. Anyway, I hope you’ll take this tutoring thing seriously because I need Jini to enter high school."

Kai jolted up from the couch and nodded. “When shall I start?”

Lay was literally gaping at him.

"Tomorrow itself? I can’t pay you more than 500."

"200 is fine."


"Yeah. I have to… go. I’ll see you when I see you, Mr Do?"

"Of course." he led them back to the door and Kai bowed his head a little before heading back to the car.

"Find out who the apparent tutor is. Get rid of him. Do whatever you must." he ordered Lay.

"Are you insane?!" Lay hollered at him on the middle of the walkway.

"Insane?!" Kai spun around and faced him. "What’s insane is that I am walking this world so fucking freely after permanently damaging someone’s life!"

"Kai, it was not your fault."

"Not my fault? Why don’t you go and tell him that?! Tell him that it’s not my fault that he’s fucked up in a wheelchair!"

"You need to stop doing this to yourself. You want to make things right, then just do it. You wanted to give him money and what is this whole tutor shenanigan is about?"

"Can’t you see? These people don’t need money. Money means very less to that boy. And why the fuck did you not tell about this?!"

"I didn’t know. I’m your secretary, not an MIT. I can’t look up his medical records and shit with one tap."

"Then maybe you’re a useless secretary."

"Seriously, dude? You fucked up and you’re venting it out on me?"

"Yes! And you’re fired."


"Bring in your resignation letter today itself. And I’m appointing you as the company’s new COO." he spat and started back for the car.

"You’ve lost your mind."

"I can’t… I won’t be able to sleep until I do something for Sehun. Something that he wants and needs. Which obviously is not money. I need you in the office to take care of things."

"To take care of things while you’re playing teacher?"

"Just do as I say. And look into Mr Do’s first son’s academic background. See if it suits. Interview him and send him an appointment letter."


"Your new secretary."

Check it out > Maladies and Remedies


La révolution des planètes !

And then Pluto said :

"Why the moon can dance ? It’s not even a planet or a star.”

The security guard just replyed :

"It came with a friend, find one and you will join the club."

And finally Pluto thought ;

" ….. that’s why the Moon turned arround the Earth during all these years …. clever !" 

Now you know why we can see the Moon sometimes in the sky =) 

by the way, You can call Pluto a Dwarf planet =)

(please listen to a song while watching the gifs, it adds a better effect and more fun !) 


Planets of Our Solar System

Our solar system officially has eight planets and one star: the Sun. The discovery of an object larger than Pluto in 2005 rekindled the debate over whether such objects, belonging to the Kuiper Belt – a collection of icy bodies located beyond Neptune – should be called planets. Pluto and other large members of the Kuiper Belt are now considered “dwarf planets.”

Planet facts:


I’ve always loved space and the planets. I’ve seen a few “human planets” sets done by other artists (I saw one in particular that inspired me to start this one but I lost the link) and most of them are pretty literal in the human department. I wanted to try making something more androgynous and godlike.

The colors are all based off the planets’ true colors, and the designs are a mix of the names’ mythos and Holst’s “The Planets” suite. They get progressively less human the further they are from the Sun, which I thought was fun. :) Enjoy!! Pluto included.

  • Sun:identity, who you are
  • Moon:self-image, how you think and feel
  • Mercury:how you communicate and your logical spirit
  • Venus:relationships with others, what you value in others
  • Mars:what you're passionate about and how you show it, sex
  • Jupiter:expansion, what you seek
  • Saturn:contraction, what you find difficult
  • Uranus:individual liberty
  • Neptune:fantasies, imagination
  • Pluto:generational transformations and mindsets


Sun:  The Majestic Life Force
Rules Leo. Is exalted in Aries.
Governs creativity, self pronouncement, the ego, identity, spiritual search, soul expression, desires, potential, destiny, inner radiance. Esoterically understood to be governed by a higher heavenly dwelling.
Archetypes: The Golden Child, Divine Child, The Healer, The Creator, The Father

Moon: The Mystic Midwife
Rules Cancer. Is exalted in Taurus. Rules Virgo esoterically
Governs the feminine rhythms, the hidden self, emotions, internal tides and moods, self reflection, indwelling welfare needs, intuition, mysteries, ambiguity, memories, creativity, nostalgia and is understand to navigate one astrologically through childhood
Archetypes: The Mother, The Goddess, The Maiden, The Innocent, The Nurse

Mercury: The Media Network
Rules Gemini and Virgo. Is exalted in Virgo and Aquarius. Rules Aries esoterically
Governs communication, speech, media, broadcasting, telephones, writing, journalism, transport, intellect, thought process, verbal acuity, education, mischief and reason. Mercury is the traditional cosmic trickster
Archetypes: The Journalist, The Child, The Salesman, The Comedian, The Librarian

Venus: The Cupid Cove
Rules Taurus and Libra. Is exalted in Pisces. Rules Libra and Gemini esoterically   
Governs pleasure, romance, love, indulgence, glamour, materialism, joy, charm, seduction, creativity, amiability, parties, socialising, friendship, partnership, unity, the collective
Archetypes: The Lover, Love Goddess, The Tease, The Seductress

Mars: The Fiery Battlefield
Rules Aries and Scorpio. Is exalted in Capricorn.   
Governs conflict, spirit, vigour, energy, impulse, passion, desire, adventure, combat, aggression, confidence, violence, physical strength, destruction, impulse, stamina, romantic pursuit  

Archetypes: The Pioneer, The Rescuer, The Soldier, The Warrior

Jupiter: The Lucky Charm
Rules Sagittarius and Pisces. Exalted in Cancer. Rules Aquarius esoterically
Governs higher intellect, expansion, travel, higher education, philosophy, favour, fortune, prosperity, growth, joy, blessings, honour, laughter, luck, excitability, politics, religious theology, wisdom, success
Archetypes: The Godmother, The Philanthropist, The Benefic, The Politician

Saturn: The Rigorous Guide
Rules Capricorn. Is exalted in Libra.
Governs civilisation, obstacle, ascension, ambition, practicality, wisdom, boundary, time, order, convention, remedial lesson, reality, social systemization, consequences, enlightenment
Archetypes: The Wise Old Man, Father Time, The Judge, The Militant

Uranus: The Electric Bubble
Rules Aquarius. Is exalted in Scorpio.
Governs technology, revolutions, progression, eccentricity, electricity, light, intuition, the New Age, rebellion, individualisation, secularisation, alchemy, science, radical ideas and people
Archetypes: The Outlaw, The Untested Spirit, The Rebel, The Wildchild

Neptune: A Celestial Bathe
Rules Pisces. Is exalted in Leo. Rules Cancer esoterically
Governs the collective unconscious, dreams, psychic sensitivity, fantasy, illusion, delusion, deception, allure, intrigue, sedation, drugs and alcohol, trance, mental illness, photoshop, enlightenment, healing   
Archetypes: The Guru, The Healer, The Psychic, The Psychotic

Pluto: Toxic Wasteland
Rules Scorpio   
Governs the underworld, the occult, poltergeists, intensity, destruction, subconscious urgency, God’s will, demons, sex, transformation, rebirth, the conversion of energy the traditional gatekeeper of concealed universal insight
Archetypes: The Detective, The Guardian, The Shadow



The Importance of Planetary Meanings

Sun: Personality, sense of self, vitality, nature, will, observable traits

Moon: Emotional response, intuition, self-image, unconscious pre-destination.

Rising/Ascendant: The way you present yourself, how you appear to others, reactions in social settings, the distinct persona you outwardly show to everyone.

Mercury: Communication style, intellect, reasoning, logic.

Venus: Compassion, love, sensuality, showing and receiving affection.  One of the best signs to look at when dealing with compatibility in relationships.

Mars: Instinct, desire for action, physical energy, impulse, handling conflict, sexual drive, courage.

Jupiter: Luck, fortune, optimism, insight, expansion, grace, inspiration, tolerance, morals, perception.

Saturn: Toughness, austerity, discipline, limitation, hurdles, lessons to be learned, ordeals, contraction, effort.

Uranus: Unforeseeable changes, new situations, revolutions, disruptions, eccentricity, inventiveness, independence, egoistic liberty.

Neptune: Dreams, transcendental liberty, non-egoistic liberty, imagination, inspiration, faith, religion, mysticism.

Pluto: Occultism, hidden sciences, mystery, transformations, self-questioning, power.

Midheaven: Noted achievements to the world, material action, career or goals, success, aspirations.