Gajeel and Levy were together all this time

Erza and Jellal were together all this time

Gray and Juvia were together until he taught how to use hair gel and left

Lucy was left behind by Natsu…

Mashima just likes to write angst and loves to see Nalu fans suffer.

Leah's Song
  • Leah's Song
  • Rosa
  • I Mississippi You

Rosa - I, Mississippi, You

>Folk Punk (Plan-It-X)

A very underrated Folk Punk album, I’ve barely ever seen them mentioned. I initially listened to this album a long time ago, but the title track (Chapel Hill) really turned me away from it. Now that I’ve given it a chance, I’m really loving it. I can see why the few times I saw it mentioned were positive. The vocals are pretty esoteric and vague, but I can make out lots of talk on nomadism, relationships, and big existentialist questions.