6 things you need to do to be productive

1. Read. Make a reading list. Put a to read column, and an already read column. Keeping track of what you read will motivate you to keep progressing faster and better. 

2. Make goals and write them down on paper. Put due dates on readings and deadlines. 

3. Have a journal and write quotes on it, important facts, keep it short and sweet. 

4. Have a calendar open all the time so you can remind yourself of things you need to do, things coming up, and that way you will have more time to prepare and be more organized. 

5. Set aside at least 30 minutes to clean up your space, tidy things up, throw out stuff that you don’t need, the less clutter the better and more productive you will be. 

6. Have a plan for your workspace. Plan out snacks, drinks, and water to keep you going and full of energy! I usually make coffee myself, quick, easy and affordable. Then I usually have trail mix, yogurt, pretzels, and chopped up fruits. Then water is a necessity everywhere I go! I usually wear headphones too when I plan to study because it keeps me focused on the relaxing music and not on the little distractions. Then I always listen to folk/ slow music because its soothing for me. And of course, I always have a notebook to write down quick stuff to remember next to my laptop.

When Obama was running for office in 2008, he claimed that, “Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” He lied, of course.

How To Survive Your First Year As A Small Business Owner

If you are launching a business, you have probably heard the horror stories of business failure after business failure. However, here’s how you can make the reality much brighter: 

1) Create a business plan

2) Keep your expenses low

3) Reinvest back in the company

4) Don’t say yes to every request that comes your way.

5) Focus on the customer

6) Build your network

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