Satisfy the Need in Me - Kurt/Blaine NC-17

Summary: Blaine learns the true definition of jealousy when he runs into his intern at a nightclub. A sequel to this

Warnings: age difference, possessive sex, mentions of alcohol, mentions of Kurt with others (sort of)

A/N: Writing this has been a serious learning experience. A never-ending thank you to plainers for being an amazing beta. This would be nowhere near what it is now without you. This is also a gift to the wonderful tiff because she’s amazing and patient and perfect ♥♥

Initially, Blaine thought he’d spend the night in.

He’s edging on forty, and as much as he enjoys the club scene, sometimes all he wants to do is settle down with a cup of tea and a movie.

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Promise You'll Stay (part 2/2)

plainers asked for: Blaine dealing with a slushie to the face and Kurt helping him (which I got backwards oopsie) dreamingofklainebows asked for: what happens when Blaine goes to school.

Follow up to stepbrothers!klaine/badboy!blaine 

Even With My Dark Side

There’s this spot on his neck Blaine has recently discovered that makes Kurt whine and twist Blaine’s shirt in his hands and rub up against whatever part of him is the closest. Today it’s that little soft curve low on his belly. Blaine mouths and sucks just below his jaw and Kurt ruts and ruts and whimpers, can feel everything drawing up tight and hot, just a little more and he could come, he could-

And that’s the moment Blaine always pulls away, flops onto his back and announces, “Time to cool off.”

Kurt gulps air and feels like his entire body is pulsing with need. He stares up at the ceiling and tries not to scream from frustration.  “Why?”

“Because I draw the line at actually fucking my stepbrother.”

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anonymous said:

Lolix - “Is that my shirt?”

Locus usually ignores Felix strolling in his apartment, because the guy is half-naked more often than not and Locus really doesn’t have the willpower to tell him to put a shirt on six times a day before he just gives up and kicks him out of the room.

But this time, a flash of green catches his attention and makes him rise his eyes from his book.

Surprisingly, Felix is fully clothed.

Problem is, those are not his clothes.

"Is that my shirt?" Locus asks.

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welcometomykarass tagged me to list 10 books that have stayed with me in some way, and I took about a week to answer but here we go:

  1. Harry Potter (series) / JK Rowling 
  2. A Separate Peace / John Knowles
  3. Many Lives, Many Masters / Dr. Brian L. Weiss
  4. This Is How You Lose Her / Junot Díaz
  5. Santitios / María Amparo Escandón
  6. The Ocean at the End of the Lane / Neil Gaiman 
  7. Revolutionary Road / Richard Yates
  8. Cien años de soledad / Gabriel García Márquez
  9.  When I was Puerto Rican / Esmeralda Santiago
  10. The Bell Jar / Sylvia Plath

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Long Distance * AU w/ xthepromisex

    Levi could not distinguish just how long ago he’d first met her. It was through some stupid forum website where he’d trash-talked her about her pretty much being an idiot with her opinion— which went straight to PMs.

    And it was through those PMs that they figured out they were both pretty much little shits with big opinions and excellent choices in music.

    A couple years later, Skype started to get a lot of recognition, and it was also through this that they saw each other for the first. Levi wasn’t sure what he’d expected, but that wasn’t it. She wasn’t it. He anticipated the usual type of girl that people expected to see on the internet— bigger, paler, plainer.

    She was none of those things. And even if she was, Levi would still think she looked perfectly. But he’d never told her that. That shit was too weird to say aloud.

    Now he impatiently, for the past three days in fact, waited for her to get online. School had started back up for her— the old man long graduated and thus didn’t know the struggle— so she wasn’t online as much, as was the usual routine. But it made their chance meetings that much better, when they hadn’t talked for a long time. Definitely gave them more to talk about.

    And it gave the grumpy old man an excuse to miss her. But as stated before, he wouldn’t say so, not now, not ever.

Raps by Mike Mictlan
Produced by RedVelvet Beats for NAIMA
Co-Produced by Cecil Otter and Lazerbeak

Doomtree’s Mike Mictlan announces the release of HELLA FRREAL. Set for release on October 27th, the 10-track album features Mike’s rapid-fire lyrics over larger-than-life production from Cecil Otter, RedVelvet Beats, 2% Muck, 1990, Mike Frey, JuanL, and Lazerbeak, with guests Greg Grease, Ceschi, and Aby Wolf all along for the ride.

Mictlan has long been known as a spitter; he writes technical patterns and can deliver them at speed. He’s also a natural performer—never plainer than when he takes center stage at First Avenue and ignites the entire room with a dance, a look, a gesture—he knows just how long a pause will springload an audience so it’s primed to erupt at the next punchline. On HELLA FRREAL we hear the Mike we know, harder and sharper. We hear a new Mike too—we’re let behind the curtain for a few earnest moments that were harder to find on his previous releases.

HELLA FRREAL is currently available for pre-order from iTunes and the Doomtree webstore. Each pre-order will receive lead single “CLAPP’D” as an instant grat track. Those who order from the Doomtree webstore will also receive a signed digi-pak CD, access to a private LiveStream chat with Mike, and a HELLA FRREAL sticker. The Doomtree webstore will also offer a deluxe pre-order that includes everything in the standard version, plus a screen-printed patch and a one-of-a-kind individualized t-shirt exclusive to this pre-order.

It’s all good
No it ain’t
Cuz I’m thinking exactly the polar opposite
That’s just something that we gotta say when we wanna cover up
Or turn a bad thing, positive
They shootin –
but nobody made em look
They gotta ghetto life fetish
Middle class circus
at a Lower class zoo
Quarter life conflict we all
Drug War Veterans
Not everybody from the hood is a killer or a dealer or a villain
Everybody in the hood wanna do something better
For they life and they children
Anybody ever tell you different
They prolly lying tryna sell you something
Ain’t nobody tryna hear that woofin
Not a motherfucker in this world’ll tell me nothing
& somebody gonna play that game
But every game is really played the same
You gotta play it if you wanna get a turn
Hundred grand in the hand
what chu look at the pistol end for?
Spin it, close your eyes
All you hear is a click
Click – Click Click
CLICK then….
Whatchu gonna do now?
Click lock shoot bang ya dead (man) GOT CLAPP”D!!
Give the MANN- a HANND he might get CLAPP’D!!

It was a cruel summer
now get ready for a cold winter
Hot burners from slow dinners
Fast Streets
Private Soldiers for dough lenders
Whiter the crack, the wider the white of the eyes in em
And the meth venom
The dope sent em down the river and thru the hoods to red door clinic
Its no different from inherited wealth but
We only inherit the struggle that goes with it
Post no bills Ghosts in a shell system
Scapegoats they worship the lone shepherd
Willingly manipulated — low effort
But who gives a fuck when you’re broke, frozen in gold
Somebody tell me why Abdulle got shot
Was it the feds? Was it a plot?
All I know is I’ma hold his spot
Don’t even trip young bruvv
Hatchmarks in the clot
Last seconds on the clock
Tell em to Shoot for the moon
but not to aim at the block
nuthin bout a glock ever show me
how to Work a plan
Call it State Of Mind-Kurdistan

Whatchu gonna do now?
Click lock shoot bang ya dead (man) GOT CLAPP”D!!
Give the MANN- a HANND he just got CLAPP’D!!

I only have three options available for lining right now and I don't like any of them.



I have this crazy metallic fabric that would look cool and is somewhat strong, but would be so uncomfortable.  So I think that’s out.

I have a rainbow metallic denim that I would use, but I worry about using denim over time (how it stretches & changes when exposed to heat or water) etc, and it’s dark - I don’t know if any sort of dye might rub off on the light cream peasant blouse.

I also have a plainer white brocade; I used a brocade in my last corset and it didn’t truly stand the test of time - after a while, the bones chafe away at the fabric and will poke through the weave, so I’m not too keen on it.  It lasted a while, though.

I don’t have it, but just mentioning I also don’t want to use duck cotton… I used it in a former corset and it didn’t have enough “give”; it was so so stiff and actually fit dramatically different than my last corset.

Do I sink more money into this and take an hour trip to the store?  Or do I just use the brocade? Decisions, decisions.

Knowing me I’m going to go all the way to the freaking store for a yard of broadcloth or twill.  It’s just so far, and so much gas, and so much time.  But I really want to get this corset done this week.  And… UGH.  

Screw it, I’ll go to the store *sigh*


These were some dolls I made a couple years ago for the new uniforms of the Sailor Senshi in their Magna forms, which I called them. I actually came up with the idea about ten years ago and even have drawings, but the designs were way different and were actually a little plainer than they were before I updated them. The gold belts are supposed to be shaped like they usually are, but I don’t think there was an option to have those in different colors. Some of the color combinations look a little awkward, but they appeared better in my mind. I may even update them again to make them more different and not much like their past uniforms.

Farewell My Queen was a pretty visually stunning movie, like most movies about Versailles and Marie Antoinette are. The DP had a real eye for color, even with the poorer, plainer-dressed characters. 

DIane Kruger was pitch-perfect as Marie Antoinette. The love she had for Gabrielle de Polignac struck me to my core.

I’ve never actually seen Lea Seydoux’s work before, but now I’m excited to see her in other things. Her face has a quality to it that just makes her incredibly fascinating to watch.

Overall, it’s a film I’d recommend, especially if you enjoy period pieces. Light on plot, heavy in atmosphere and character, it’s a great film to immerse yourself in.

Being cognizant of and careful with the historic trauma of others is what “political correctness”means. It means that the powerful should never attack the disempowered—not because it “offends” them or hurts their “feelings,” but because it perpetuates toxic, oppressive systems. Or, in plainer language, because it makes people’s lives worse. In tangible ways. For generations.