Valentines Day || @plagued-by-a-werewolf

Ella pulls on a red dress that hugs her waist, then falls loosely over her hips, ending at her knees. She pulls half of her hair back in a clip and puts on a bit of make-up. She looks at herself in the full length mirror, and when she is satisfied with the reflection looking back she walks out into the living room, turning only the floor lamp on, lighting the room dimly.

She makes her way to the kitchen, pulling a deep red table cloth over the small kitchen table and putting a candle in the middle. She sets the table and then walks over to stove to check on the pasta she was making. She hears someone fumble with the door knob and rolls her eyes when they end up knocking.

She walks over and unlocks the door pulling it open and seeing Peter. “Forget something again?” she asks with a smirk as she dangles his keys in front of his face. “Where do you even go when you go out?” she asks stepping back and pulling the door with her so he may come in.