A Visit to the Town of Yolo, California

There’s a town in Northern California, about 25 minutes outside of Sacramento called Yolo. Last weekend, while driving to Reno, I took a detour to visit. 

Yolo is located in Yolo County. According to the 2010 US Census, it has a population of 452.

It is home to the Yolo Community Center—a center for the Yolo community to gather. According to a sign in the window, it’s also available to rent for Yolo weddings and other Yolo events. 

There is a Yolo County Library. Which is home to First 5 Yolo, a daycare service for Yolo under-5s. A Yolo County Library fax service is also available, for sending faxes from Yolo. 

There were signs asking for you to vote for Janene Beronio. She’s attempting to become a judge for the Superior Court of Yolo. A title Lil Jon has probably given himself at some point. 

Liquor is also available in Yolo. From a store that has a sign which reads “Liquor Yolo.” I spoke to the owner, and he said that, though he sometimes has people coming in to ask for it, he has no plans to make any kind of Yolo merchandise. He also admitted that he wasn’t totally sure what Yolo meant, but, knew “there was a song about it or something.”


A Mori Girl's List of Places to Go

Just some places I could see a mori girl visiting and loving. :)

1. The library/a hideaway bookshop (bring a mug of tea and comfy cardigan if possible, for chilly hours of reading)

2. A small cafe or bakery (sip tea or cocoa while eating delicious pastries, reading, or journaling)

3. A local farmer’s market (carry a cute canvas tote bag or wicker basket to carry your goodies, and don’t forget free fruit and cheese samples!)

4. The park/gardens (walk around with your camera or spread a picnic blanket on the grass to read or nap)

5. A thrift/vintage curiosity shop (be prepared to come out with your hands full!)

6. An observatory (especially at night, to look up at the twinkling stars)

7. A craft or yarn store (pick up some supplies for your next art project)

8. A florist (especially a small, sweet one)

9. Speaking of sweet, a macaron or chocolate shop! (Both of which I love)

10. The woods, mountains, or beach, to walk, ride a bike, or find a nice place to sit and read

Hope you enjoyed :) please like/subscribe for more!