St. Moritz

The concept of international winter tourism, so the story goes, started with a bet between gentlemen.
By the mid-19th century, the Swiss Alps were a popular summer destination for aristocratic visitors in search of clean air, but in 1864, Johannes Badrutt, the owner of St Moritz’s Kulm Hotel, was looking for ways to develop a winter season too. His solution was a wager with four departing British guests: come back for the winter, he told them, and they would find crisp sunny weather quite unlike the damp winters at home. If they weren’t able to sit on the hotel terrace in their shirt sleeves, he promised, he would personally pay all their travel expenses.
They duly returned shortly before Christmas and, delighted by what they found, stayed until Easter.
Soon word spread among the upper classes, Badrutt set about developing St Moritz as an all-year resort and Alpine winter tourism was born. This season St. Moritz is celebrating 150 years of tourism. 150 years of excellence.

Gentleman’s Essentials


She was the girl you ran up to the elevator when you were late for school . The girl you saw late at night coming home from a party , walking up the stairs numb . She was the girl you looked and though with yourself ” how can i get to know her ” , the girl always wearing headphones , the girl always looking straight and never giving anything from her expression . The girl you saw crying on the middle of the street and passed by , the girl passed out on the dance floor after dirinking too much , the one you were sure was toxic and self destructive but yet loved her . Loved her the most , loved her forever .