Why is it in some TV shows/movies, company logos are blurred out on products while on other shows, the logos are shown.

They need permission to use and trademarked or copyrighted logo or symbol. If they don’t have permission they could get sued because of the possible negative reaction. For example, if I make a movie about neo-nazis and they all drive toyotas and use apple computers I could get used because people could assume that those two companies support nazism.


anonymous said:

I agree with most of what you say but you don't have to 'earn' your hand tattoos, if you want a tattoo on your hand GO FOR IT

Well that might be your opinion but we’re just representing an opinion held by the majority of the tattoo community, it’s also a traditional thing not to get hand tattoos just because you feel like it. Hands, fingers, necks, faces are completion points, and there’s a reason behind it. Most of the time, tattoos in those locations look out of place if the rest of the body is untouched.