Picton, Australia in New South Wales is supposedly one of the most haunted places in Australia. The Picton tunnel, pictured above, is linked to suicides and an infamous train accident involving a girl named Emily Bollard. She was apparently killed by an oncoming train while walking through the tunnel (now out of use), and some believe she may have done this on purpose. Many believe they have seen her ghost within the tunnels. There have also been claims of shadowed figures in the tunnel and disturbance of electronic devices. Other haunted areas of the town are the cemetery, the Razorback Inn, the Imperial Hotel, and Emmett Cottages, among numerous other places. Picton ended its ghost tours in 2011 after it began to attract vandals and trespassers. 

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Picton Ghost Hunt I
Picton is one of Australias most haunted towns, and on Saturday two of my friends and I, decided to explore a few of these haunted places at night! It is genuinely spooky, and hard to describe the blackness that hovers over these haunted sites.
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By Daniel Watts, 2014

Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Picton GCB (24 August 1758 – 18 June 1815) was one of the Napoleonic period’s most infamous British generals. According to the historian Alessandro Barbero, Picton was “respected for his courage and feared for his irascible temperament.” He is chiefly remembered for his exploits under the Duke of Wellington in the Iberian Peninsular War, leading his 3rd Division at this siege, and at the Battle of Waterloo, where he was mortally wounded while his division stopped d'Erlon’s corps attack against the allied centre left, and as a result became the most senior officer to die at Waterloo.


Mateo Picton es un artista británico que hizo una magnífica serie de esculturas de papel cartográficos llamada “esculturas de mapas”, representando varias ciudades como San Francisco o Jerusalén, con los documentos que tienen símbolos del lugar representado.

Matthew Picton is a British artist who made ​​superb cartographic paper sculptures called “Map Sculptures”. This represents various cities, such as San Francisco or Jerusalem, with papers having symbolic to the place represented.