UGO :)

So I can’t lie my first month or two I lived in London I was really sad. I moved to London from LA April 2013. I missed LA like fuckin crazy and my friends in LA. I knew 2 people in London, a girl I had gone to school with in Australia and my best friend from a town near my home town. Anyway my first week my homegirl and her boyfriend were going to Germany for a week so she said hey you can stay in his apartment he will leave the key under the mat. His place was right on Shoreditch High Street (Above Present for ppl familiar with London) so because i am a giant dickhead I somehow managed to snap the key in the lock before i even opened the door. Then I had to call an emergency locksmith at 1am and there went 300 pounds. So I got off to a kinda rough start in London lol.

Anyway i ended up getting an apartment on Brick Lane. My best friend works full time so he was busy a lot. It was always raining and my land agent started stalking me but thats really another story but shout outs to Iman lol. I spent a lot of time eating peanut butter out of a jar laying in bed watching the rain or visiting the 24 hour bagel shop across the street from me. they knew me by name and the old man out the back in the bakery would come sneak me fresh warm baked bagels when he saw me thru the window. Molly bagels perhaps? lolz jk. I didn’t have a job yet and my rent was fucked expensive cause i hadn’t got my head around the whole pounds dollar conversion. So there i was eating peanut butter in bed trying to figure life out.

One day it was sunny outside and nice and i thought ok im gonna do something good today instead of being a miserable dork. So i went and got my hair did. I was walking home through Shoreditch and i pass by this guy who is on the phone and I’m now walking in front of him. He gets off the phone and catches up to me and says something to the effect of “I’m sorry I don’t wanna sound weird but your hair looks real shiny and nice” so I’m laughing and I’m like well actually i literally just got it done ayyeee. I could tell he didn’t want to seem like he was trying to harass me or anything. So we start talking and he’s tall, fine af and dressed nice and its weird cause we are just talking like we are already homies, but we literally JUST met. He says he was gonna go to lunch do i wanna join him. I agree and we keep walking toward brick lane and then i start thinking to myself wait why am i going to lunch with this guy i just met what if things get awkward and i’m halfway through my meal and don’t wanna leave my food, what if hes just plotting on dashing and leaving me with the bill?? all these thoughts but the good vibes i got from him triumphed over my insecurities about the situation. So we go have lunch at Wagamamas in Spitafields market and for real we are just chilling like we’ve known each other forever. There was nothing awkward, we had the same sense of humour, it was just perfect. I tell him i’ve been looking for a job and turns out he manages a bar in Dalston and he thinks he could get me a shift on the weekend. A few days later we meet up again cause he’s going to the art thing they do thursdays on brick lane. So i meet up with him and i’m nervous and excited. One thing i pay attention to when im out with guys is how other people address them and treat them and how they address me when the guy introduces me. Basically everyone loved this guy. people would see him in the street and call him and wave. every art gallery we went into at least 1 person knew him and was excited to see him. I was like hmm maybe he’s a drug dealer. people aren’t usually this happy to see regular humans. But the more i got to know him i realised people loved him because he was just always a million good vibes and uplifting and awesome. Eep anyway we ended up seeing each other for a few months and he introduced me to so many people, got me a job, took me to do awesome things on the regular. We used to always go get cocktails together and play pool it was like our lil thing.

Anyway its just crazy when i think back at all this because if it wasn’t for the fact i told myself yep i gotta do something TODAY. i wouldn’t have ever just ran into him on the street and completely changed my whole perspective in london. I’d prob have continued my peanut butter lifestyle and having no friends except for my stalker land agent surprise visiting me. I am mad thankful for the universe allowing our paths to cross.


Animate’s Kuroshitsuji cafe in Nagoya.

It was so lovely! All decorated in coasters, prints and banners, with special drinks (and the accompanying free character coaster - we got Soma and Agni) and exclusive merchandise. And music from the OST playing,  beautiful! 

Only drawback was that there wasn’t a Finny in sight! None of the Phantomhive servants were considered for the decor or the goods but I guess they were trying to push Book of Circus and Book of Murder.

Our place mats had Double Charles and I was totally ok with that!

I gasp. The others are still occupied with the kitchen, the bar and the restaurant, so they haven’t seen the ball room yet.
"My very first grand piano", softly whispered under my breath.
I take this picture and state “Me first!”
I shouldn’t have said this, now the attention of my companions is no longer drawn to bottles, silverware and place mats but - of course - to the piano.
As always, we find a way not to stand on each others feet. Everybody is happy. I am the happiest.

Abandoned mountain hotel, Germany, September 2014.