Last weekend I went to my best friends’ PhD party at her home.

She’s just handed in her final piece of work on the road to becoming a Dr and whilst she’s waiting to hear back she wanted to thank us all for her support by cooking for her family and close friends.

Needless to say the food was amazing as well as the company.  We ate, we drank wine, played board games and went on a 4am walk around the land. She lives out on a farm that’s pretty far out from the nearby towns so you can the stars so well without all the light pollution.  It must have been one hell of a place to grow up.

Anyway, after the first course we were told to lift up our bowls for the pre main meal entertainment. Underneath was a draw your own place mat.

We’d seen these before and I loved them, we’d used the same mats at our American themed Thanksgiving party last year and my friend loved them so much that she decided to get some herself.   They’re basically a blank sheet with simple instructions on how to draw various animals with real ease.

If you ever want to see a room full of twenty something’s absolutely silent then these are for you. I think the only words we spoke were to ask each other to pass along the pencil crayons. They are so much fun, especially after you’ve finished and can show the room your masterpiece.

It kept us all busy between the courses and in the end we all stuck our finished animal drawings on the fridge.

The books are by Deborah Zemke and are available from Amazon amongst other retailers. 

If you’re thinking of having guests around for a meal you can’t go wrong with these awesome and unique place mats.