Potatokraken Photography Booking for Otakon!

I need a few shoots booked for Otakon! I normally casually shoot at cons, but I found myself in a bit of a financial bind. I’m willing to take scheduled shoots of any number of people. All I’m asking is a 10 dollars. you’ll get an hour+ and 10+ photos back within two weeks of the con. I’ll shoot large groups (max I’ve done at once was 14). 

I really wouldn’t charge if I didn’t absolutely need to. 

For my full galleries, check my facebook page

Message me here or there if you’re interested.


Surprise! Potatokraken Photography is heading to Matsuricon!

I’ll be there for Friday and Saturday for sure and need to book a few shoots to pay off parking and gas! I’m really happy I can do one more con this year and I want to do the photo thang! 

Shoots are $10 dollars. Thats right! Just 10 for any number of people (Unless more then 5 then we negotiate price). They are filling up so come get um while you can!

If you wanna see my work, head over to my facebook page!


Now Booking for Otakon 2014

If you’re looking for a photographer for Otakon, I’m here to help! I’ll shoot any series and any number of people! I have limited slots, so book while you can!

This year, I’ll be offering 7 slots. 2 are already scooped up. Rates are as follows:

  • Solo/duo: $20
  • Three-Five: $25
  • Five or higher: Negotiations will occur

I am friendly with a quick turn out time and a high turn out for the number of photos you get back! I flexiable and am okay with multiple locations, last minute additions, etc.

If you’re interested in booking me, please message me through my facebook page or, if you don’t use facebook, send me fanmail on tumblr. All shoots require prepayment to reserve your slot (unless worked out otherwise)

*NEW* Refund Policy!

If you are unable to attend your shoot or you cancel, you will be credited for a free shoot at the next con I am available. If I miss your shoot, you will be refunded in full and credited for a shoot in the future!


Some Days, Some Nights

This was my favorite shoot at ACen for a lot of reasons. I loved all my other ones but this one was special. ACen last year was the first time I shot with these three (for Gurren Lagann) and its amazing to come back and see how far I’ve come. This shoot also turned out some of the best shots. On top of that, while I was doing photos, Scott was as well. Normally its hard to work a shoot with two photographers, but this one was amazingly fun! A special round of applause to everyone for fighting the bugs and to Nick for wading through mud in those getta.



A Year in Review-Photography Addition!

Its hard to believe all of these were taken just this past year! I didn’t do as much photography as I would have liked (mostly because I was cosplaying so much) but I got a lot of neat shots! This is the first year i had access to better equipment then my usual cheaper camera and its amazing to see the results!

Thanks to all my wonderful friends for letting me snap pictures of them! I can’t wait to see what kind of stuff I get next year!


((Some pictures may have been edited by the people in them))


Accepting shoots for Anime Central 2014!

Hello! I’m taking shoot slots for ACen! I don’t have very many and they are first come first serve! I’ll be accepting 5 shoots of any number of people!
My rates are:

  • For 1-2 people: $15
  • For 3-6 people: $20
  • More then 6? We’ll negotiate!

I have been shooting for several years now! I have a fast turn out time and am great with first timers as well as experienced cosplayers! I love working with new people as well as old! You’ll also get at least 7 usable shots (if solo) and more verying how many people! Slots are usually anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour!

To book, send me an ask or message me FB page (linked below) FB is preferable so i can track our convos!

For more of my work, visit my page! (Note, all photos above were taken last ACen)


I’ll change you
Like a remix
And then I’ll raise you

So heres the story.

I wanted to take something semi creative to represent how I’m feeling. Today, I almost broke. I almost had an anxiety attack at work. I’ve been so torn up over this one person walking out of my life suddenly that I almost broke down and was unprofessional at a job. To cope, I was singing to myself as I sliced meat at my mundane terrible job. Thats what i do. I sing stupid songs to feel better.

I was singing Mirror by Justin Timberlake and I got to “I’m looking right at the other half of me” and I just froze. I realized that no. I don’t consider Rick to be the other half of me. A piece yes, but not half. And then all these thoughts raced through my head.

I let someone who has repeatedly walked in and out of my life in blatant disregard for my feelings get the best of me. He has never ever taken my thoughts into consideration when it comes to our friendship let alone our relationship. And, as much as he will always be a piece of me, hes a piece I’ve lived without before. 

I will never not love Rick. But, I will not allow someone to make me feel worthless or smaller then I am. I am someone who deserves a person that cares about me. And I have that. I have a whole load of amazing friends. Friends that have proven themselves, especially during this whole fiasco, to be worth more and to devote more to me then he ever, in six years, has. 

Friends who saw what was going on and let me take a chance, but when he wasn’t there, they picked me up, dusted me off, and told me to soldier on. Maybe they were blunt and forceful, but it was their words that snapped me out of this wretched anxiety ridden hell hole my mind has been swimming in. Words like “You deserve someone who is going to treat you better” and “You’re stronger then you think you are” are just a few that drove me to this grand conclusion.

I am not worthless. I loved, I gave everything I could, I went out of my way to show this guy I wasn’t just another bitch looking to hurt him, and he couldn’t see that I’m more then that.

Honestly, he never deserved me. Call me a bitch, but I did everything I could for him for six years. I helped him get in a relationship with a girl he still lies about not wanting to be with, I solved most of their issues, I watched him be the perfect man to her when I really wanted to BE her, I sent him letters when he went to the army, I calmed down a PTSD attack from MILES away. I always picked up when he called drunk and in need of a friend, I shelled out 300 dollars so he could come back to loveland, smoke, drink, take pills he wasn’t prescribed, mess himself up, and vomit in my garbage, and I let him break my heart.

I think I’ve done more then enough for this man. I don’t hate him and I don’t regret anything. I would do it all again. Because yes. I do love him. And if he comes back, I’ll except him back. But never again will he take advantage of my kindness and my hospitality. Or of my friends. 

This picture is a promise. Never again will I let someone do this to me. I will fight tooth and nail. Because I deserve to feel like I matter and like I’m worth something. This picture is my promise that I am going to fight back against my anxiety, depression, and self esteem. This is me turning over a new chapter in my life and spreading my wings. I’m going to relay on my friends, my family, but most of all, myself.

Like a phoenix, I’ll rise again, new and reborn. 

Masking Pain

So I was just saying literally 10 minutes ago that its been ages since I did a self portrait. Well, since I’ve been going through a lot lately with my emotions and feelings, that and my parents got me a new mask when they were in New Orleans, I figured, hell why not?

I tried to go for something that made it look like I was crying. I wasn’t actually, I did plenty of that earlier! I just tried to run the mascara. This is not even the big piece I plan to do for my project involving my feelings as of late but here! Felt inspired!

This picture is super important to me!

Okay so, the one Voltaire song I know EVERY WORD to is “Brains!” from his album “Boo Hoo” which was written for the Cartoon Network show “The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy”

This song is really old, but it was the one song I hoped he would play. I was told he wasn’t likely to. 


This is him doing the beautiful cackle at the completion on the song. I can cross hearing Voltaire sing Brains! Live of my list of things to do!