The Pakistani Institute for magical Studies is housed in a series of lodges on a nondescript hillside in Neelam Valley. Long ago, during a yearly study trip to Harappa, a group of students stumbled upon a pocket of lingering ancient dark magic. Upon their return, amulets had to be placed around the perimeter of campus to ward off any malevolent forces that may have bound itself to the students. Despite the prevalence of black magic in the country, the school has strayed from it in its studies, and professors often scoff at practitioners who offer their services in exchange for money. Bouts of stomach sickness are common amongst first years due to overconsumption of Qizilbash Quality Confectionary’s cauldron cakes which parents typically include in care packages. The school nurse resorted to storing jars of stomachache tonic in each residence to prevent overcrowding in the infirmary. Due to the rich amount of folklore in each of the provinces, students often gather at dusk on sunny days and host rounds of singing and storytelling in fields of tall grass. There is one area in particular that has been frequented so often that voices of past storytellers can still be heard.