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Showing some #love for my #gamers #pvper #pkers #consolegamer #pcgamer These area few of my #customtshirts #tshirtdesign from #tshirtking #teesbytee I hope they are to your liking. Heard the song the new #Destiny commercial so I had to use it. The song is #ledzeppelin and it’s called #immigrantsong #fps #callofduty #gamergear #femalegamer #girlgamer #worldofwarcraft #share #follow #instagood

xj20kd02234 said:

Do you think I could rush? I'm 84 attack 78 str 78 def 87 mage 81 range... haha

well pking requires skill, stats barely matter when you pk you just need to know what you are doing. rushing in the other hand requires you to lower your target’s constitution to zero in about 4 to 6 game ticks for that you need luck and very high stats.your combat lv is extremely high and you’ll probably end up fighting turmoil pures who only have 40 to 60 def but all other stats max out and they will just rush you back…my advise, the easy and fast way is buy a bot and start over, or buy a bot and max out our acc, then you will be ideal to rush.


Ang awkward ksi may boyfriend ako tapos may crush ako sa lalaking ewan ko ba. Alam ko mali. Di tama. Lagi kong snasbi na kakalimutan ko na feelings ko sa knya. Pero everytime na makikita ko sya kinakabahan ako. Na ewan. May nafefeel ako na di tlga dpat. Haaay. Bsta dko iiwan si sam :(

Damn You fail pkers

Just got attempt pked by some bored noob. He came there to pk, and decided to safe it and teleport away because he was losing. Which is funny because he’s a higher level then me.

Next time I go to the revents, i’m bringing teleblock!

In good news, not too long ago I got a corrupt Zuriel’s bottom. A nice 150k for me. :)

anonymous said:

Do you know which episode the one with Emily and Spencer is and Emily comes with the cupcakes and Spencer's playing strip pker or something with Andrew?

3x19 ;)

anonymous said:

Azure Kite- .hack G.U.

A legendary PKer shrouded in blue fire. That’s what he was to anyone who saw him. He was Haseo’s enemy and a threat to Ovan but to himself he was simply his goddess’s knight. He was made for one purpose and one purpose only; to protect his precious goddess.

He would do anything to protect her, perhaps those protective feelings came from the one whose image he was made in. With slow, measured steps accompanied by the clanking of the Empty Skies at his side; Azure Kite walked towards the latest glowing red sign distorting “the world” that he called home. He kneeled down and pressed a gloved hand to the red, glowing triangular mark; just trailing his fingers along it. He clenched his shark-like teeth and let out an angered growl.


The one who had truly made this mark was not him. Oh no, it was the one that he had been hunting. He would catch this defiler of The World and bring him to justice for the sake of his goddess and the order of the precious online game world his goddess loved so dearly. It was then that he heard an all too familiar voice shout at him.

" Tri-Edge!"

That was not his name and yet he was becoming so used to responding to it. As if on instinct, he drew his weapon and turned to face the white-haired nuisance that had called out to him. As usual, the Terror of Death’s epitaph user wanted to face off with him in a fight to the death. The guardian of the system bared his triple-bladed weapons to the other and prepared himself to teach Haseo not to cross him yet again.

Only one thought went through his broken mind.

H@s&0 S+0P G&++|NG |N M% W@Y

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  • NAME:  Phoenix Kerr.
  • D.O.B.: 09/22/1981.
  • ASSIGNED TEAM: J-Tech; ID T-PKER 231.09-L.
  • DATE OF ACTIVE SERVICE: March 8th, 2015 - Present.
  • CURRENT SERVICE STATUS: Active, stationed at Regium Shatterdome.


  • Scars: Scars from previous training and other, various fights. Most are located on his torso, upper arms, and lower legs, namely his shins.
  • Piercings: None.


Birthdate September 22nd. Parents Ethan Chamberlain and Emmeline Kerr, both deceased. Entered U.S. Army in 1999, was discharged honorably due to major injury. Exhibited skills in weaponry, completed certifications required. Completed year of schooling required. Training complete. Began his work under previous specialists and continued their work after their deaths. Finished their work. Now has his own creations underway. Is now working side-by-side with Robin Holt and occasionally with other J-Tech members when necessary. 

Most designs seem flawless. He has been able to design weapons that others have attempted but have not been able to see through. He has made missiles that have surpassed the past specialists’, has continued to create more efficient and easily dispersed techniques as time goes on. He seems knowledgeable and well-equipped to handle any and all inquiries about weapons. 

Obedient. Works well with others and displays true team efforts. Exemplifies strength and leadership when stress is high. Works well under pressure. Can handle authority figures, shows respect for said figures and for his peers. Can often speak more than necessary, does not explain layman terms to others and can be somewhat sarcastic if asked to relay. Third and oldest J-Tech Weapons Specialist in Regium Shatterdome.


  • Robin Holt: Seems to work well enough with his associate. Both either work together or separately to complete their tasks. On occasion, if necessary, Phoenix takes up leadership to complete missions that he and his associate are held responsible for.
  • Portia de Ravin: Portia has been a good friend of Phoenix’s for quite some time. When able, he spends a little bit more time on her equipment and relaying instructions to her. A little biased, he does believe that she will be someone great within the program.