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Do you think I could rush? I'm 84 attack 78 str 78 def 87 mage 81 range... haha

well pking requires skill, stats barely matter when you pk you just need to know what you are doing. rushing in the other hand requires you to lower your target’s constitution to zero in about 4 to 6 game ticks for that you need luck and very high stats.your combat lv is extremely high and you’ll probably end up fighting turmoil pures who only have 40 to 60 def but all other stats max out and they will just rush you back…my advise, the easy and fast way is buy a bot and start over, or buy a bot and max out our acc, then you will be ideal to rush.


Ang awkward ksi may boyfriend ako tapos may crush ako sa lalaking ewan ko ba. Alam ko mali. Di tama. Lagi kong snasbi na kakalimutan ko na feelings ko sa knya. Pero everytime na makikita ko sya kinakabahan ako. Na ewan. May nafefeel ako na di tlga dpat. Haaay. Bsta dko iiwan si sam :(

Damn You fail pkers

Just got attempt pked by some bored noob. He came there to pk, and decided to safe it and teleport away because he was losing. Which is funny because he’s a higher level then me.

Next time I go to the revents, i’m bringing teleblock!

In good news, not too long ago I got a corrupt Zuriel’s bottom. A nice 150k for me. :)

there was a point in time when wakfu was pretty much the only game i played (i’m lame yes i know i stopped playing DN and dota), and since i work from home i always had time for wakfu.

after [finally] burning out for real i’m just looking back thinking, how the eff did i spend all that time on wakfu without going completely mad, just farming relic after relic nonstop

idk how other people stay logged in ALL day. is everyone just an unemployed freelancer or what, don’t you guys have to work or go to school? or are you all just filthy rich. are people so so so bored and free they log just to make gameplay a chore for other people (i’m looking at you, ecoterrorists and PKers)

man. deviched was right, taking a break from wakfu was the best decision i ever made, i feel so… happy right now

The Harsh Virtual Reality

Apparently, a lot of people were killed. You name the Pkers, well, PK is normal. But to see and hear about PK everyday, I’d say it’s not normal anymore. It’s so unfair that a stronger player than you will easily kill you and steal your items that you farmed for. It hurts me to see my friends be killed… It stresses me out so much. I feel like taking a break from playing. I know I’m scared of being PKed, that’s one. But Aberoth had been my escape from the harsh reality and now, It’s as harsh as the cruel reality we live on. I just feel so upset right now.