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Wasted pt 2 | Calum Hood Smut

    A/N: Omg I don’t think I’ve ever gotten this many requests on something wow okay but now that I wrote it I really hope you guys read it then bc yeah last time I wrote a second part on something no one read it eh but without further do lets get on with it

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   I was woken up by the bright and what seemed like, blinding sunshine peering through the blinds on my window, my eyes fluttering back closed the minute they were opened. I groaned audibly, rolling on my other side, trying to turn away from the source of light, but my attempt got cut short when my body met a smaller one. My eyes snapped open at the feel of the warm skin against mine, finding their way down to an all too familiar face. Shivers erupted down my spine as I thought back to the events of the night before, the images of her writhing above me and the way her moans filled the quiet apartment playing vividly over and over again in my mind as I shifted slightly. But it seemed like even my slight movement was too much as her long, still mascara coated lashes fluttered on her cheeks, her eyes peering open only seconds later and as she took her time staring at my face, I gulped audibly, waiting for her response. Suddenly her eyes widened as they wandered down to our completely bare bodies, jolting away from me in a flash of an eye, only to end up lying on the hardwood floor of my room.

   “What the hell?” she whispered, her face twisted in utter confusion. Her hands roamed around her, trying to find something to hide her naked body from my wandering eyes.

   “Um”, I mumbled, rubbing the back of my neck awkwardly as I got up from the bed, tying the sheet around my waist and walking to my dresser to retrieve a pair of clean briefs, a tank top and sweats.

   “No no no this isn’t happening”, I heard her stutter in the other side of the room and pulling on the clothes I had just picked up when she looked away, I rolled my eyes. “What happened last night?” she breathed out, grabbing my arm to turn me around, the action reminding me of her drunk self just over ten hours before.

   “Isn’t it pretty obvious?” I huffed, the annoyance evident in my voice as I yanked my hand off her hold and shook my head, exiting the room to grab some breakfast.

   “W-what?” she whispered, following me to the kitchen. I kept my mouth shut, searching through the cabinets for something to eat. “Calum why are you so mad at me? Calum? Answer me!”

    “Fuck! What do you want to know? How you begged, actually begged, me to fuck you? And when I said no and tried to take you to sleep, you jumped on me and started dry-humping me on the floor? Is that what you want to hear, huh? No, let me guess, you don’t remember anything, do you?” I fumed, stepping closer to her with every word until she was backed up against the wall with wide eyes and parted lips, looking like she was about to burst into tears. I took my time examining her face with narrowed eyes, taking in the way she managed to look so flawless even with her mascara smudged all over her cheeks and her slightly swollen lips quivering as she tried to think of an answer to my question. Taking a deep breath, I stepped away from her, shaking my head for the second time that morning and turned around to face the kitchen again.

   “Calum”, I heard her call my name, but I just ignored her, not wanting to hear any of her stupid explanations. “Calum, I do remember”, she mumbled quietly, placing her hand on my arm again. Still ignoring her, I shook her hand off, turning away to fill the bowl I was holding with cereal and milk. “Hood! Don’t ignore me!”

   “Please go away (Y/N)”, I sighed, but she wouldn’t give up, turning me around to lean on the counter and stepping in front of me, forcing me to look at her. Her face was flushed adorably in frustration, lips slightly pouted as her eyes shifted between my eyes, squinting at me.

   “Calum”, she breathed out, placing her hands on my shoulders so I couldn’t turn away.

   “Yes, (Y/N)?” I rolled my eyes, diverting them from the intense staring competition we’d held for the past five minutes to stare at the wall behind her, jaw clenched.

   “Look at me while I’m talking to you!” she snapped, pushing me harshly from my shoulders.

  “(Y/N) stop”, I said in a warning tone, gripping the counter top in my hands to prevent me from accidentally hurting her. I’d never want to hurt her.

   “No, Hood! You listen to me!” she spat at my face, her grip on my shoulders tightening. “Why are you acting like this? Why are you so mad at me? It’s not exactly a surprise that I acted the way I did in the morning, finding myself in bed with my best friend, naked may I add, isn’t exactly what I imagined ever happening!” I pushed myself off the counter as she spoke, making her step backwards and drop her hands off me, crossing them across her chest instead.

   “You don’t get it do you, (Y/N)?” I huffed, gritting my teeth.

   “What, Calum, what don’t I get now?”

   “It wasn’t just a fuck to me, okay? I actually thought that it meant something to you, but no”, I shook my head, staring down at her with narrowed eyes. “I’m just another fuck to you.” Her face was glazed with shock as she stared at me with wide eyes, processing my words.

   “Ca-calum…”, she stuttered.

   “Save it, (Y/N)”, I sighed, walking past her to the living room, towards the front door, hearing her steps behind me only seconds later. “Hey! Calum! Don’t walk away from me!”
   “What do you want me to do then?” I screamed back as I turned around abruptly, her tiny body colliding with mine and stumbling back at the impact.

   “Why didn’t you just fucking tell me earlier?” She replied, stepping closer to me.

   “I don’t fucking know, you were fucking all those other guys, I thought you couldn’t have any feelings for me!”

   “Well maybe I was fucking them to get my mind off you!” She boomed back, tears already forming in the corners of her eyes.

   “What?” I yelled, my voice breaking mid-sentence.

   “You heard me”, she sobbed, holding her arms across her chest.

   “So you’re only telling me this now?” I groaned, twisting my hands in my hair in frustration.

   “You wouldn’t fucking listen to me!” she screamed, pushing me back by my chest.

   “Fucking stop it (Y/N)!” I growled, pushing her hands away from me harshly.

   “Or what?” she urged, pushing me again. “What will you do, Hood?” In a split second I had pinned her against the wall, holding her hands above her head so she couldn’t move. Her eyes flew wide open as she took in the proximity of our faces, my body pressing against her in the most intimate way possible.

   “I said”, I growled lowly at her face, our lips so close to each other that every time I would speak they would touch slightly. “Stop. It.” She took in a sharp breath as I released one of her wrists for a second, securing it against the wall with the other only moments later. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights, her eyes scanning my face and stopping on my lips for a second too long. I smirked and closed the gap between our mouths quickly, pressing my body against hers even tighter if that was even possible and letting her wrist go to hitch her up so her I was holding her up, her legs wrapped around my waist and fingers tangled in my hair, tugging on the short strands. She replied eagerly to my kiss, gasping against my lips slightly as I ground my lower half against her, giving me full access to slide my tongue in her mouth, moaning at the sensation of my tongue gliding against hers.

   “Fuck, you’re so hot when you’re mad”, I breathed out after parting from the heated kiss trailing my lips down her neck.

   “That applies to you too”, she moaned, throwing her head back to grant me more access to her jugular. “You fucked me so good last night.” I could hear the smile in her voice and groaning in arousal, I turned around, still holding her up, and hurried to my bedroom, stumbling slightly in the rush of getting our clothes off as fast as possible. Throwing her to the bed roughly, I stripped out of my sweats and shirt, tossing them and turning to her to see that she had done the same, smirking on the edge off the bed, braless. I licked my lips and let my eyes travel down her slim figure, feeling blood rush down to my lower half with the way her smooth skin glowed in the small rays of sunshine seeping through the curtains on my window. Walking to the end of the bed, I crouched down and cupped her cheeks in my large hand, connecting our lips in a much slower kiss, pushing her back down against the mattress but not once detaching our lips. She hummed in response as my hands traced the hem of the same lace panties that had been thrown on my face the night before, teasingly slipping under the material ever so often, the sound of her impatient whimpering of my name filling the quiet room.

    My kisses moved from her lips down her jugular to the valley of her breasts, letting my breath fan over her nipples on my way down. A gasp left her swollen lips as the small buds hardened noticeably, her back arching off the bed in the process, my mouth continuing its way down her torso to the hem of her panties. Sick of teasing, I pulled the flimsy fabric off her long legs and threw them over my shoulders, eyes fixated on her dripping wet core. Her hips bucked up as I reached out my finger to spread the wetness all over her folds, stopping on her clit to rotate the pad of my thumb around the sensitive bundle of nerves, a waterfall of moans leaving her lips in pleasure. Her hands reached out for my hair as I moved my mouth closer to her entrance, moving my hand away to press a lingering kiss to her heat, darting my tongue out to slip it slightly in her, but then withdrawing completely, I plunged it in all the way, causing a pornographic moan to elope her lips. I kept moving my tongue inside her as my thumb worked on her clit, trying to her close to her climax as quickly as possible, the speed I was moving in making it seem like I was trying to break some kind of a record. Her fingers gripped on my roots tightly and I hummed in response, the vibrations causing her to whimper out loudly, bucking her hips up uncontrollably and reach her high, coming down with loud screams of my name.

   I crawled up to her, licking my fingers clean in the process just to prolong the sweet taste of her arousal in my mouth. Seeing her exhausted face made me smirk proudly, knowing I had caused her such a powerful orgasm and kissing the tip of her nose, she giggled, untangling her sweaty fingers from my hair to cup them around my neck and pull down to kiss her. The kiss was a lot messier than the one before, her tongue slipping in and out of my mouth sloppily as she let one of her hands travel down my torso to the waistband of my boxers. She didn’t even tease, going straight to the point as she tugged the material down my legs with a little help from me, wrapping her tiny fingers around my shaft and spreading the pre-cum already leaking from the tip around it, pumping slowly. My eyes closed and mouth hung open at the sudden pleasure that was granted to me by the teasing jerks of her hand, feeling her lips press to the spot where my neck met my shoulder and earning a low moan from me. I could feel her hand being removed from my neck and after a few minutes off shuffling I heard a small ripping noise and a condom was rolled on my member, the slight pressure of her hand squeezing it on place making me moan once again. She guided me to her entrance and through my half-lidded eyes I could see her nod in encouragement, my hips swinging forwards against hers in a split second. Her back arched off the bed so fast I thought it broke as she let out a yelp that turned out to be a moan anyways and wrapped her legs around my waist, allowing me to go even deeper. I tried to hold back my moans, burying my head in the crook of her neck to muffle my cries of pleasure, continuing the steady pace with my hips, heading towards our releases. A thin layer of sweat started forming on our skin as the temperature of the room was raised considerably, her moans and skin slapping against skin remaining the only sounds in the room. My hands were squeezing her hips so hard they were surely leaving bruises after, but she didn’t seem to mind, so neither did as I kept pounding into her in a lot faster and harder pace, driving her into another dimension. Her eyes rolled in the back of her head, mouth hanging wide open, moans flowing freely through as my thumb made contact with her clit, knowing how close she was by the way her hips bucked up and walls clenched tightly around me.

   “Cum, baby, cum for me”, I whispered in her ear as seductively as I could, choking out a groan as her walls squeezed around me so tightly it felt like she was trying to strangle my dick. She came for the second time that morning with a loud scream, tugging at my hair wildly as her hips jerked up against mine, pushing me over the edge with a roll of her hips. I growled loudly into her shoulder, biting down on the warm skin to prevent any more moans from slipping past my lips. I emptied into the condom in three hot spurts, riding us through our highs for another few seconds before pulling out and crashing down on the bed beside her, breathing heavily. I closed my eyes, but opened them instantly as I felt her fingers intertwining with mine, her sweaty, tiny body cuddling against my side. I sighed in content, draping my arms around here torso to pull her flush against my chest and kissing the top of her head sweetly, erupting an adorable giggle from her.

   “I really like cuddling like this”, she mumbled into my chest.

   “Me too”, I agreed simply, pressing another kiss to her forehead.

   “I also really like you”, she continued as I continued placing kisses around her face. “No, love. I really love you.”

   “I really love you too”, I chuckled, pressing my lips against her shortly. “More than you could ever know.” She giggled, rolling on top of me and kissing me again, her soft lips molding against mine so perfectly it put me into a haze. After for what seemed like a few seconds, but was actually about five minutes, of making out lazily she pulled away and rested her head on my chest,

   “It’s way too early to wake up”, she yawned, reaching out to pull the covers on us. I took a quick glance at the clock resting on my bedside table, chuckling a bit.

   “It’s almost 12am”, I noted, causing her to lift her head to shoot me a frown.

   “It’s early for me”, she sighed, rolling her eyes adorably.

   “Fine let’s sleep then”, I shrugged with a smile, closing my eyes in attempt to fall asleep again. I felt her breath fan over my chest as she inhaled and exhaled deeply. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was the sound of her quiet snores filling the room, the feel of her body resting against mine, the vibrations of her heart thumping against my chest and the satisfied smile spread widely on my face, knowing how lucky I was to have a girl like (Y/N) love me.

   I’m yodeling angry Calum idk how to feel about this tho eheheh xx

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anonymous said:

may I ask for a prom bumbleby story? is that pkay?

Yes. Yes you can. 

"Wow…Blake look at you!" she squealed, quickly removing herself from her post to grasp her friend’s hands. Yang’s mouth opened but no words seemed to form into anything comprehensible. She wanted continue in saying how beautiful she looked, or how overjoyed she felt knowing their talk actually worked. 

But nothing came out, just a big dumb smile.

Blake seemed to understand, blushing lightly she fought through it with a smirk,”I believe you owe me a dance” 

Holding onto the blonde’s hands, she quick work of leading her to the dance floor. Yang yelped in surprised but laughed. 

"I’ll have her back in a bit Sun!" she called out before being lost in the crowd of dancers.

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