In lieu of watching the first half of “Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief” in Spanish class (campamento mestizo holy shet):

Note: I have little to no clue of the plot of the book or the movie. Therefore, this idea is only vaguely set in the world of Percy Jackson. The plot and characters are totes different so pleeeaaase don’t expect any parallels heh

Merlin - son of Poseidon, who rather likes the human name Balinor; he has water-based magic and can speak to water dragons and he can swim really well and yeah he has two best friends, Will and Gwaine. Gwaine’s an “upperclassman” and Will’s in his year. They’re actually satyrs (and yes Gwaine lives up to his reputation) but Will falls for this really sweet and kind water nymph named Freya, and as a result Will slows down on the flirting and sex an all to properly woo her and they’re just so cut and aaaaaahhhh Gwaine, meanwhile, is the more promiscuous between the two of them, but he later meets this clumsy, adorable, manners-less wood nymph named Elena and yes they get together aaaaaahhhh cutes

okay so these “mysterious forces of darkness” start attacking Merlin and his family, so Gwaine, Will, and Hunith take him to some sort of Camp Half-Blood type place. However, in the process Hunith is taken by one of the demon-things oh no so Merlin, in his first few days at the camp, is really depressed and horrified and sad and he has no clue if she’s alive of dead and just imagine not knowing wow frick poor thing and he loves her so much too ugh this is making me sad anyways in his first few days he meets

Gwen - the sweet, wonderful, and incredibly intelligent like holy shit wow smart daughter of Athena. Gwen is wise, noble, kind, and generous, but shit damn when she’s angry at you she will take revenge on you in ten different ways and you won’t even realize she had anything to do with it. She’s incredibly intelligent; she’s a strategist, a fighter, a philosopher, and is strangely adept at chemistry, meaning she has this ability to make food which does exactly what she intends it to do. She can make food which makes people happy within minutes, she can poison you with pretty-looking desserts, she can make bombs, and weapons and all, under the guise of food. She has a cousin named Elyan who happens to be the son of Hephaestus, so she learns how to smith from his family.

She befriends Merlin and makes his life a little bit happier, until his grace time is over and he’s made to train in the camp. Merlin’s not the best at fighting, or weapons, but he somehow manages with touches of “luck” and intelligence. During one of the activities he has the bad luck to run into

Arthur - the son of Hades, or Uther, as he used to be called by his (now “dead”) human wife Ygraine. He’s a cocky but skilled fighter, strategist, leader, and all out charmer. He can see and communicate with the dead (but for some reason he cannot find his dead mother and, surprise surprise, neither can Uther), and (this is a secret) he can wield a sword which can kill any being, god or not, with one blow. Though he is the son of the Underworld he looks like the sun itself, and as such, is a winner among ladies and gentlemen.

Merlin insults Arthur, and in a later challenge between Merlin’s team (camp??) and Arthur’s team he has to face Arthur’s superior fighting skills and prowess. Yet, during this activity strange forces drag Arthur deep into the recesses of the lake within the camp, and Merlin is the first to act. He dives in and is somehow able to see into the murkiness of the lake, and he finds Arthur struggling against the same dark forces that got to his mum a few days before. With a sudden surge of usually weak magic he drives the forces away, and drags an unconscious Arthur back to land. He is brought to the infirmary and is watched over by his dearest childhood frienemy

Morgana - daughter of Aphrodite, who can use her “charm” and “looks” to manipulate anyone to her bidding (as though her normal charm and good looks didn’t already), and who can “see” the future of people in terms of love and destiny (in fact, when she meets Merlin in the infirmary she actually looks him up and down and smirks before shaking his hand). She has a sister named Morgause, who also has the power of manipulation but instead has love-based magic, and a guardian named Lancelot, who ding ding ding falls heads over heels with Gwen, and yes, Morgana saw it coming. Morgana’s sight is a bit vague; she sees vague images of someone’s future (in love) when she is asked, but when she meets two people who are literally destined to be with each other she clearly sees their future together and it is adorable.

Though people love Arthur they fear, and even hate, Uther, though he has done no wrong. Uther has a confidant and friend named Gaius, who idk the type of magical creature of yet. He also had a brother-in-law named Agravaine who disappeared with Ygraine’s death but who Uther, is sure, has not died yet. If you didn’t get the clue above Ygraine’s probs not dead because Uther can’t find her in his realm. I reaaaaally wanna make Zeus (idk who it is yet) the dickfuck because he is a dickfuck in Greek mythology and idk how to incorporate Mordred into it all yet. Morgana is NOT evil, but her sister is, and so is Agravaine, and yeah idk what these “dark forces” are but most of the peeps in the story think they’re Uther’s doing, until Arthur gets attacked and almost dies woooo

oh oh oh right the Leon is a centaur and is Arthur’s old friend-older brother-ish person, and Percival is… a friendly giant? A centaur too? You think of it hehehe

anyways that’s all I’ve come up with so far. Yes, it is Merthur; yes, you can help me flesh it out; yes, you have to ask permission to write it bUT PLEASE DO IDK IT SOUNDS LIKE A GOOD IDEA??

anyways heehee