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"Black Rock Shooter" by supercell in Project Diva f!

Day 22: Uma cena do livro que te fez feliz/te fez rir.

Eu ri quando no livro a maldição do titã o percy não enetndeu poeque apolo dava calor, e também quando ele fala o nome do Ofiotauro para os Deuses.
Fiquei feliz quando acontece o primeiro beijo da annabeth e do percy, na batalha do larinto, e també ri da reação dele depois..
Eu fiquei feliz quando li no arquivos do semideus, na hora qe o charles chama a silena pra ir ver os fogos no acampamento..
Bom esses são uns dos momentos que eu mais amo!

PJDF: Bucket List
  • Percy Jackson has updated his status:
  • Comment things that are on your bucket list!
  • Comments:
  • Hazel Levesque:What's a bucket list?
  • Frank Zhang:It's a list of things you want to do before you die.
  • Hazel Levesque:Ohhhh.
  • Annabeth Chase:Meet my doppelgänger. And in case you're wondering what that is, it's someone who looks exactly identical to you but aren't related to them at all.
  • Leo Valdez:I'm going to go to Olive Garden and when they ask me to say stop for the Parmesan cheese I never will say stop.
  • Piper McLean:Leave my handprint in wet cement.
  • Thalia Grace:Sleep in one of those aquariums where you're in a tube and the sea life are all around you.
  • Jason Grace:Write a letter to a random address and see if I get anything back.
  • Nico di Angelo:Put a message in a bottle and throw it in the sea.
  • Apollo:Jump into Tartarus screaming '#YOLO'!
  • Apollo:lol jk
  • Percy Jackson:Good. I thought you were being serious for a second there.
  • Travis Stoll has updated his status:
  • Hey guys I'm back from the infirmary! Miss me much?
  • Comments:
  • Katie Gardner:Yes! :)
  • Connor Stoll:I miss pulling pranks with you!
  • Nico di Angelo:No.
  • Drew Tanaka:For once I agree with death boy.
  • Percy Jackson:Hey man glad to see you're feeling better.
  • Travis Stoll:You're one of the reasons I was in the infirmary in the first place!
  • Percy Jackson and Leo Valdez have logged off.
  • Piper McLean:I like how you didn't even say anything about Leo. But he logged off anyways.
  • Nico di Angelo has updated his status:
  • Comments:
  • Annabeth Chase:Is he okay?
  • Hazel Levesque:Yeah, he had some of Dakota's Kool-Aid.
  • Annabeth Chase:What's in that stuff?
  • Hazel Levesque:3x the amount of sugar it should normally have.
  • Annabeth Chase:Okay. Umm, why don't you keep Nico over at Camp Jupiter for a few days until he stops being hyper..
  • Annabeth Chase and Hazel Levesque have logged off.
  • Leo Valdez has changed his name to Leo McShizzle.
  • SomethinInTheWater has updated her status:
  • Hey you guys, I'm back! I think you would want to kill me since I didn't say something about PJDF, if I was updating or something. But I couldn't. I did 'something' and so my parents took my iPad and my iPods away for toooo long. Being honest, I was 'bout to cry. Literally. You can't imagine how happy I was when they gave it back to me. 😭😭👌
  • Well, I got this new chapter, and I hope you like it as much I did😉
  • Love you guys!😋

Ok. I promised myself one song… I’ve been trying to get a PERFECT ranking for the past 10-15mins with normal mode. At an EXCELLENT rating, Miku flails and starts waving her arms around.. I wanna know what she does at a PERFECT rating ;w; I bet it’s really cute..


take my money sega

technical zone?

oh you


basically built like the old chance time, which gave bonuses based on your combo alone.

as long as you still get the points for the hits despite combo it’ll be okay though

Day 21: Se você fosse preso numa ilha para sempre com a condição de apenas um deus poder te visitar, qual seria esse deus?

Meu pai (Hades), Hefesto, Hermes ou Poseidon.

Day 15: Sua quote preferida da série?

 ” -(…) Annabeth me olhou, furiosa, como se fosse me dar um soco. E então fez algo que me surpreendeu mais ainda. Ela me beijou.
- Tenha cuidado, Cabeça de Alga.
                       Ela pôs de volta o boné e desapareceu. Provavelmente eu teria ficado sentado lá o restante do dia, encarando a lava e tentando lembrar meu nome, mas os demônios marinhos me trouxeram de volta à realidade.” Percy narrando seu beijo com Annabeth