EYYYY Katsucon was a ton of fun and I hope you all had great times!! I was Simon most of the con and I was Kyubey for a little while on Saturday mostly bc of poor planning BUT YEAH IF WE HUNG OUT HMU FRIENDS!!!!!!!!


WELL GEE I know I’m not the greatest or most talented cosplayer out there, but I cosplayed a lot in 2013! I got to cosplay John Egbert (Homestuck) as usual, along with Naegi (Dangan Ronpa), Simon (Gurren Lagann), and Madoka Kaname (Genderbend, Madoka Magica)! I’ve made a ton of friends though cosplay and can’t wait for the future!



A list of characters I would like to cosplay for reference!

Crona - Jintan - Kyubey

Tengen Toppa Simon - Garlock Simon - Madoka Kaname

Yukiteru Amano - Armin Arlet - Red

Shouma Takakura - Charlotte - Azusa Nakano

Charmeleon - Male Homura Akemi - Finn the Human

Inspired by a similar post by tumblr user gardengnostic!

Cosplays for 2013

  • Rufioh (God Tier)
  • Jake English (Fixed)
  • Tavros (God Tier)
  • Troll Caliborn
  • Male Aradia
  • Male Kanaya

I’ve barely started any of these lies down and cries a lil