Have you noticed how tight the art/GIF game is on Tumblr? Especially in the food and drink section?

(via PizzaPrayers)

What I’m really trying to say is check out BurgerLords and Pizza Prayers, the incredible art blogs from a dynamic duo of L.A. natives (and brothers), Max and Fred. 

Restaurateurs by day, art  gangsters by night, Max and Fred own The Oinkster (that makes some of the most killer burgers in all of California), Maximiliano (“kinda” old school Italian) and Little Bear (a Belgian Beer Cafe). 

Visiting the BurgerLords or PizzaPrayers sites are like falling into a rabbit hole. By the time I snap out of it, I’m answering my door, tipping the pizza delivery guy, or firing up the grill to make a burger worthy of the ones I’ve been swooning over for the past couple of hours.

(via BurgerLords)

I guess this is the part where you figure out that I’m having them on my radio show, U Look Hungry, today, Thursday May 2nd at 6pm (EST) on the Heritage Radio Network.  When I thought this show couldn’t get any better, the inimitable Jen Pelka, Tumblr Food & Drink Evangelist, is also coming on the show to discuss what’s shaking on Tumblr, the state of the GIF, the L.A. food scene, and so much more.

(via PizzaPrayers)

Stream the live broadcast here via the Heritage Radio Network. If you miss the live broadcast cause’ your going in on that second pizza pie, take your time and listen at your leisure by downloading the (free) iTunes version of the show.

I promise that today’s show will be nothing like this situation.