it would be one of those pieces of rectangular lunch pizza from a public grade school anyway.

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I'm 100% sick of the "women are not sex objects!!!1" argument. I work part time and a pizza place and a good portion of my tips are because I purposefully wear low cut tops. Its the only job I could get with my college schedule. If I want to objectify myself for money, that's no fucking feminist's buisness. As they say: my body, my choice

and for all their talk about empowerment, they constantly look down their noses at female sex workers, seeing them as pitiful, broken little dolls that need to be plucked from their shameful lives by feminist champions 

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my favorite part about you is on your instagram a few days ago you posted a photo of coconut water and some organic mango juice. last night you posted a photo of a pizza. you live such a balanced life and i wish i could do the same :(( i either eat too strict or eat like crap.

i thought this was going to be a rude message at first haha. 
honestly this has taken me years to get balanced. i mean, don’t let that discourage you because everyone’s different but my entire life i’ve been the same way as you. either restricting myself like crazy or going on months+ long junk binges. it gets easier when you realize there are no bad foods. sure there are foods that are more nutritious but i never label foods bad anymore. pizza = good, salads = good, cookies = good, broccoli = good. it’s all good when you balance your eating. i don’t eat pizza everyday just like i don’t eat kale for every meal haha. my number one rule, no diets. especially fad ones. 

Last night me and Jonny went to pizza express and I will tell you a few great things that happened - we were seated on the table RIGHT next to Jonny’s ex girlfriend, it was awkward and great, I bumped into one of the nurses from when I was in hospital  and she is soooo lovely, she used to be like a mum to me and told me I should be a supermodel (lol thanks sally blush), I got too drunk off too little wine, we ate pizza URM ALWAYS GOOD, jonny got a dessert off the kids menu lol, we drank insane amount of fruit juice and not enough alcohol in Wetherspoons, we actually went to Wetherspoons, we both fell asleep during frozen snuggled in bed together #wedidnotwanttobuildasnowman