Moment of analysis

CrossFit didn’t work for me as
I expected.

The 21-day Clutch Cut program has been giving me results within a week despite the fact I haven’t been eating right. I don’t know what it is about it but I do my best to follow through. It’s annoying and my thighs are sore. I have a hard time keeping up with the HIIT. But I do my best.

It’s going to be officially my 4th day tomorrow. Today was my rest day. I cheated the diet with pizza and beer at Anthony’s. Ugh. It was good though. They make good pizza. Finally in Miami. This is why I don’t have abs. Thank you pizza..

The Mockingjay Meetup was a blast! In behalf of my co-organizers, we would like to thank everyone who attended the meetup! I hope everyone had fun!

To our very generous sponsors, thank you for making this possible!

Greenwich was really generous to give everyone free pizza! Everyone had a good bite while watching the movie.

Zomato, Gardenia, and Eagle’s Enterprises were also very generous and made sure everyone had something to take home!

All of our sponsors were really kind to give everyone gift certificates and passes! Hooray for that!

Special mention to TOMCAT (Yey Kittens!) for the media coverage! I hope Tommy had fun!

This is just the beginning! We have more in store for you guys! Thank you!

Life update:

Just an hour ago I was hanging by myself at the boulevard sitting with my gray hoodie. An elder lady though I was a homeless kid so she handed me a slice of Pizza. As much as I tried to explain to her I was not she would just say “no no, it’s okay honey. I’m just trying to help. Take good care, dear” and then she left.

I really don’t know how to feel about this.

the pizza was good tho.

What a nice lady.

let me be a thirteen year old girl here for a second and gush.

i never met anyone quite like you before.

we fell in love because your OkCupid name was a pormanteau of two Russian authors. we fell in love because we both were crazy little punk kids. we fell in love because you love underground rap, are a vegetarian, hate the patriarchy, love Dumb and Dumber, appreciate good pizza, are the funniest person I know, have amazing taste in beer, love to learn and, of course, are the handsomest guy I know.

we’re both journalism majors. we both are not traditional path followers. 

you’re a dynamo, my love.

anonim sorulan:

5, 17

5- 4 turn ons
-lip biting
-hair pullin
-booty grabbin

17- favorite food
-I’d have to say pizza, it’s good anytime of the day and I can eat it for x amount of days without getting tired of it

Thanks for asking! 😊

Multi-million dollar idea: Late night delivery of thin crust, east-coast style pizza, chips, and a good red wine.

In the mean time, I guess I’ll have to get dressed at 9p at night in order to fetch pizza, chips, and more wine. My life is hard.

billybogshank sorulan:

Hey Chicka: Do you ever get the urge to branch out, and flex your culinary skills, maybe make a nice calzone or a heaping pan of lasagna? A hamburger or something, at the very least?


Chica: Are you saying my pizza isn’t good enough for you?!