totalfreakingloser disse:

6, 20, and 23 for the number thingy because yes uvu

6. Last song I listened to
Cruel Angels thesis (what did you expect)

20. 3 things that make me happy
Pizza bagels, really good cosplays, Swedish fish.

23. Person I love

stringgs disse:

49, 3!!

3: What if I told you that you were pretty?

Say “I know right” and flip my hair but inwardly it would make my week for like 3 weeks

49: Have you ever been to New York?

Yea, I went to Broadway both times :D the first show I saw was The Chorus Line (If someone wants to duet Sing with me I’m all up for that) and then the second time I saw The Phantom of the Opera (which was AMAZING)
Also Time Square is super crowded and the pizza is good and it is impossible to buy clothes there because the stores are so crowded. And  they sell things on the street corners (like these big ass soft pretzels and hot dogs and warm nuts that are super yummy). I really like Central Park though, it’s really nice and they have like these huge rocks (like actual enormous rocks not fake ones) that you can climb and sit on top of and slide down off of and it’s super fun.

Wishing for New York

One of my closest friends, that I have known forever. My pretty model girl. :)

Pizza is always a good idea.

Oh and cafes

Today my friend and I went to a local trift store to get started on our Halloween costumes. We are going to both be Cher from Clueless! i found a few things that I will show you guys in a later post. But for now I have photos of my cute little friend.Oh and another thing,…

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  • Reasons to marry me:We’d eat pizza and listen to good music together and we’d probably fuck 14 times a week and buy too many video-games and build pillow forts.

things i am proud of myself for:

  • did not cry even once 2day well done me
  • went 2 work the last 3 days despite serious sadness/lack of sleep
  • up v early every day still did not want to kill myself even once
  • made plans with friends this weekend instead of sitting at home sad
  • stopped talking to doug because it made me sad and i feel 1000000% better
  • made head plans with other friends that don’t know about them yet (lookin @ u meg)
  • ate so much today that i am slightly impressed but not angry with myself bcos i am worth it sometimes
  • was a functional human being

well done me 

I always think it’s funny that all these people on tumblr constantly post about how much they love pizza but don’t live in the tri-state area and in actuality have no idea what good pizza tastes like