pizza is good

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The anon moves over and rubs her belly, as she eats. "You're eating the pizza, really fast! Is it good?"

“I…suppose it is…not that I have much of a choice in eating it right now…” She blushed more and looked away, sliding another slice past her lips. By now, she was really showing the effects of the meals. All that greasy, meaty goodness was oozing down to her thighs and hips, flaring them out as she sat there feasting. The bikini was almost invisible amongst her plump curves. Even her chest had taken a hit, the blue top squeezing her breasts tighter than before. Her belly stayed rather full and tight, however, though a layer of fat could be felt as the anon continued his workings.

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As much as she hopes it's the last round, it may not be. "Tsumugi, do you want any dessert, after the pizza? That would be a good way to end the night of fun, I think!"

Of course, she would forget about something like dessert. She was so focused on finishing what she had and getting away from this anon, that she had forgotten how crafty and mischievous they could be. She gave a soft moan as her belly continued to spread out and fill, and as the massaging continued as well. “I should have known you’d try something like this. Fine, we’ll go for dessert. I do hope you can lift me after this…”

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18, girl, 5'4" I have blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. My favorite music is classic rock and metal. I would take you on a picnic with really good pizza and wine on a hill over looking a lake at sunset xx

Date, omg

Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you.

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How to deal with people who say things like ' I bet you can't even eat a slice of pizza' or ' wow good job you ate, should I clap' when I'm naturally underweight and these things aren't true?????

THESE THINGS MAKE ME SO MAD LIKE WHY DO PEOPLE SAY THINGS LIKE THIS!?!?!?! I feel you though like in middle school girls in class would whisper behind me about how they thought I was anorexic and people would tell me to eat burgers like wtf. But definitely don’t let them make you feel like you should act a certain way. When people said that kind of stuff about me I stopped eating in front of people because I thought that’s what people expected of me and it sucked because I would be so hungry. So don’t let them keep you from eating. Also if you’re up for it you could be a little sassy (and educational too)! Ask them if it’s okay to say similar things (”I bet you can’t even eat a salad” or “Wow, you didn’t eat I should clap) to people who are naturally overweight (they’ll probably say it’s not okay and that’s when you ask why it’s okay to say those things to you) and that what they’re saying to you is still body-shaming and it’s rude as fuck. 

Our Love of Nachos and Guacamole

Date #575 - Wednesday April 1, 2015

B: It seems like my and A’s love for nachos grows everyday. I wonder if this is better than pizza? What’s good is that we make the nachos ourselves, load them with veggies and aged cheese, and then often pair with a nice bowl of guacamole. I like to add lime and himalayan sea salt.

A: Nachos are not and will never be better than pizza. Also B claims we load our nach with veg but we clearly didn’t do that here. We mostly do that. Sometimes we just want saaaaalt.

(B’s autofocus on his camera is broken so I wonder that, for all the times he goes through so much trouble taking photos on a DSLR instead of a camera phone, how much better it is to have high res blurry photos vs mediocre res focused photos.)

I reached 10,000 steps today!!! Actually right now I have 12,224 steps and I feel great! I came home from work, changed and waited for my man to get home and we went on a walk :) The three of us (my dog came along as well) walked 3.4 miles and it felt so good! Right after our walk I had my protein shake.. YUMMY!! We’re all super tired because it is literally hotter than Satans butt crack here, but hey sweat is sweat. Eating wise, I did great until dinner, I had pizza which after having a good day It’s not too bad.