Dough Boy’s Pizza, 451 3rd Ave, New York, NY 

I ventured into the city the other day to meet up with my gf for some lunch. We walked around a bit until we decided to grab lunch at this pizza parlor in Murray Hill. Upon walking in you could tell it was the pizzeria of the future. We checked out the slice selection. I ordered a buffalo chicken slice. Once slice was a whopping FIVE DOLLARS?!? I felt my heart stop for a second. I bit my tongue and handed over the cash. If it’s that much it must be fuckin delicious right?

Well…almost. The crust was by far the best part of this slice. Ultra-thin, super crunchy. It even had sesame seeds added to it (something I’ve never seen added to a slice). The chicken was also superb, opting for a crispy popcorn-styled chicken coated in a spicy (but not overwhelming) sauce. The blue cheese was distributed evenly and the cheese was nicely garnished with herbs. It was a bit on the greasy side. 

All in all it was a good slice. However, the sting of paying $5 for one buffalo chicken slice is a hard pill to swallow and definitely put a damper on my whole experience. 

~Sweet Lou