1) Superman gif by J. J. Harrison on Tumblr

2) Bilbo Baggins gif by inchells on Tumblr

3) Sleeping Beauty gif by Marta Masana on Tumblr

4) The Avengers gif by mechi on Tumblr

5) Superman Vs. Jesus gif by Mike Jacobsen on Tumblr

6) Star Trek Dance Gif by mellow-monsters

7) Young Avengers  | art by Skottie Young on Tumblr | gif by Hyu on Tumblr

8) Thor gif by pixlmatic on Tumblr

9) Sherlock gif by enerjax on Tumblr

10) Super Mario gif by Pedro Miranda Filho on Tumblr

pixlmatic replied to your post:[[MOR]…I’m actually fairly convinced I’m getting…

Grab a light for light therapy. Seriously. Californians and Floridians get all kinds of fucked up when we move to gloomier climes. If you’re feeling too down to look for an affordable one, I can help you dude

I really think I need one; this Texas southern girl is feelin blue, literally. I have no idea how to find one that actually works that’s affordable, so if you have any tips, I’ll gladly take them. Thanks so much!