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1) You have been challenged to beat the entire Pokemon Emerald game using only one type of pokemon. Which type will you choose? Torchic 

2) You wake up in the middle of the night and someone unknown is in your room. You have no idea if they are friendly or not. What do you do? Pretend to still be asleep and wait for them to leave, but stay alert. 3) You now have the ability to enhance/gain a talent. What would it be? I’d like to be athletic. I’m too lazy to use the talent but it’d be nice to be able to have better stamina than a 90 year old. 4) You are space traveler landing on an unknown planet and you must gather information of said planet. How would you gather this information? Scan first, walk around, take pictures, take like 3 samples at the most 5) BATTLE ROYALE! You and you classmates have been selected to participate in battle royale. What weapon will you hope to get and who would be the first to die? A sword or staff. I dont know who would die first but I’d probably be 2nd to go. 6) What is the first thing that pops in you head when I say “Pie”? Pie. 7) You’re friend has been bitten by a zombie. There is a known cure but you have no idea where it is nor how to get a hold of it. Will you take the risk of your friend turning by looking for the cure or will you put them out of their misery? I’ll run away from them, kill them if there is no other way to get away, and look for the cure. Even if I cant find them again to save them I’d want it to save someone else, maybe myself eventually. 8) You have been chosen to rule over the world! What is the first thing you do? Post it on tumblr. 9) If you could dream forever, what would you dream about? Being in TV shows and books that I like. 10) If the world did not have internet, what do you think you would be doing, right now? Reading. 11) Japan, Italy, or England? Why? Japan for reasons that I dont know. In short, just ‘cause its awesome.

New questions:

1) If you were in a TV show what role would you be and when/would you die?

2) What’s the first word you can think of that has an a, i, and o in it?

3) Who would you choose if you found out you or 10 people you dont know had to die?

4) What is something from your childhood that still doesnt make sense to you today?

5) Are you in any school clubs, which one(s)?

6) What’s the earliest sad memory?

7) Earliest happy memory?

8) What got you on tumblr?

9) How do you pronounce v’s in latin?

10) You are trapped in a little kid show. How long do you stay sane?

11) You find a pocket watch similar to the one in Doctor Who in your room. It’s genuine and yours. Do you give up your life to allow the timelord to resume theirs?

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