So this is literally how my day started:

as soon as my alarm went off I was done with the day.

I get back from my classes (which are from 7am-8:30pm) and see 11 FOLLOWERS AND INSTANTLY MY DAY IS LIKE

So thank you pixiedidi, elzachan, chloenotzoe, thereichenbachgames, inowpronounceyouatandbow, cumberbuldge, thinkofthegunstheysell, thedoctorslapels, thedorkiestoneofall, insanelystupidandcrazy, soufflenatural! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

One Shot for pixiedidi ~Requested

"Has anyone ever told you how beautiful your hair is Didi?" Zayn said, twirling a strand of your long black hair around in his fingers as you two lay in bed. It’d been a rainy day so unfortunately going out was out of the question, but that didn’t stop you from having fun inside.

*Twelve Hours Earlier*

"Wake up baby!" You shout to Zayn, still curled up in the bed sheets naked from last night. Its 11am and you sit cross legged on the bed, waiting for him to rouse from his slumber. Opening his eyes he smiles when he see’s you, the sun shining down through the window behind you, sending a halo around your head. "Morning Angel" he says in his sleepy voice. Pulling him out of bed you let him get dressed and go to make a breakfast of pancakes and fruit. "Lets have some fun today!" Zayn says excitedly and you frown noticing the dark black clouds coming from the east. His face lights up with an idea and he snaps his finders as he walks away and returns with every blanket from your bedroom and drops them on the floor smiling "Blanket fort" he simply states and you begin to pull all the chairs in the kitchen together.

"Baby this is the best fort we’ve made yet" Zayn says with a giggle. You’re wrapped in his arms laying in the fort, cuddling together , telling stories and make believe tales. "Can you sing to me Zayn?" You ask sweetly and he smiles   "When she was just a girl, she expected the world…" you smile and close your eyes, cuddling deeper into Zayn as he sings to you. "…She dreams of para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise, para-para-paradise, ooooooooh." 

         Come dinner time you decide to just order a pizza, and you retreat back to the fort and eat the entire thing together before finally deciding to abandon the fort and settle on the couch to watch finding nemo. “I love you so much Zayn” You whisper to him “I love you so much more than you know Didi”