x41 proposal and bio

MUTEK 2013 Submissions

Please accept this website as our submission to request to perform at

MUTEK 2013.

X41 is a Vancouver-based performing electronic ambient/drone/noise duo

with a substantial visual component . We will be releasing our next album

on basic_sounds netlabel (Toronto) in May 2013, and we would love to have

the opportunity to perform our new tracks live, for the first time, exclusively

at the upcoming MUTEK festival.

X41 is the ambient alias of Vancouver based producer Jennifer Pearson,  

(The Square Root of Evil,) and collaborator Jon Anastasiades,aka PixelWrangler,

resident VJ at Vancouver’s Bonz.ai, a bi-monthly electronic music night. Using

a collection of software, hardware synths, apps, gadgets and guitar,

they draw their influences from a wide variety of sources; organic and

human-made ambiance, distant discoveries of deep field astronomy,

the middle of the ocean at midnight, the rare near-silence of a forest,

and the soundscapes found in massive living cities. Together they’ve

performed numerous times, including the 2009 Decibel festival, Pan

Ambient showcases and underground Ciliate art events. The duo has

evolved to incorporate a visual component using custom projections,

lasers and hand made electronics-infused costumes that become part of

the wall of sight and sound.

Performing live, x41 subscribes to the Futurist ideology of early ambient

 music, where the sounds are not complete without the involvement of

 the surrounding environment.

Whether in a crowded art opening, an auditorium or park, we enjoy our

audience interacting with and within the zone of lights and sounds.