Sunny Sunday, didn’t plan any shooting today, instead I paid a visit to pixel grain to get a roll of the 120 developed, seeing as all the film I’ve shot so far is jumbled up in one bag it was really a lucky dip on what was going to come back. Not a bad word can be said about the pixel grain lab, it is by far the most professional looking lab I’ve ever seen and with a FULLY stocked fridge of every type of film you can imagine, in EVERY format, heaven. I dropped the film off around 2:30 and was told to come back at 5:00 so the turnaround was super quick. 

I finally got hold of Sabijn today too which was awkward. Her English was not good and there must have been some error in communication because even though she was expecting my call she was extremely rude and abrupt, really not much help at all, never mind. 

Took a few photos on my phone whilst waiting for my film, nothing special but it past the time.