Velocity 2X: The Pixcelation Review

Velocity 2X: The Pixcelation Review

They say the best things in life are free. And one of the best games you’ll play all year is free this month with Playstation Plus. I’m talking about Velocity 2X, of course. Velocity 2X is the sequel to FutureLab’s Velocity UltraVelocity 2X, however, mixes top-down twin stick space action, with side-scrolling Metroid-vania puzzle solving. It feels like FutureLab made this game just for me.


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Magus: the Pixcelation Review

Magus: the Pixcelation Review

Let me give some context before this review. The new releases right now are either A.) Bad, B.) Forgettable, or C.) Non-existent. So instead I’m stuck playing Magus, a game nobody has heard about, nor cares about. So to give you an idea of what you’ve missed out on, Magus can only be described as the Ride To Hell Retribution of 2014, and it’s something everyone should experience.

The story is as…

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