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1. Favorite anime?

Fairy and.. Sket u3u

2. Favorite food?

Pizzaaaa! *o*

3. Favorite OTP?
Tantos u3u
4. You would like to be the character of any anime?

Konata - Lucky Star kkkkkkk’ / depois penso um melhor kk’

5. Favorite book/mangá?

Akagami no Shirayukihime

6. Favorite color?


7. Where you would like to live?


8. Favorite color?

9. Favorite animal?

10. How old are you?
16 >-< ( 12/12/12 ~> 17 *O*)

11. Do you play videogame?


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3-How old are you?

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8-Do you play videogame?

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11-Favorite animal?



So this is part of a Boxart Commission for PiwyLullaby for her Utauloid character Piwy!  I have to admit, it was quite refreshing to work on a simplistic character with only a few colours for the colour scheme! I am sorry it took so long Piwy, I had alot going on on my end!

Now she HAD wanted her character’s name in Japanese but myself and my friend Jennie couldn’t get it to translate at all so I did it in English cause well…Meiko’s and Kaito’s logos are english yet are Japanese Loids. ^o^ The colour scheme was again, quite simple and I have started experimenting with layer styles on the logos I make to try and make them nicer to look at!

As for Piwy herself, I struggled to find a good pose for her and just kept it simple like the rest of her.  PiwyLullaby mentioned however that the character was based around a piano so I tried to portray that via her boxart.  Here are the steps.


1. I drew just the one sketch and tried to work the posing out.  This proved difficult since I hadn’t drawn hair like this before and I could figure out the ruffles too well either. This was accomplished on A3 paper with a 2H pencil with a 0.3 mechanical pencil used for detail.

2. The sketch was then scanned and taken into Manga Studio Ex 4 where I inked it.

3. Once finished, I exported the finished lineart into PNG format at 600 dpi to keep the crisp lines then opened it into Photoshop CS 6 (I use this for ALL my colour work).

4. Now for the longest stage. My colouring process can take a while depending on how much I have to do and well the first lineart was ALOT. I usually start with the skin using about 5 different tones, then onto the hair which can take up to 10 layers due to my perfectionist attitude. The eyes come next as this usually involves alot of cussing with the pen tool. And finally the clothing which is the fastest part as I block the colours, smudge them then add textures accordingly. White is not my strongest colour to work with since I can never get textures to look nice on it but I’d say I did fairly well. ^^

5. Now for Post Production. I add minor details like hair strands (can be fully seen in the high res which Piwy will get), the highlights to the eyes and then my signature and the company watermark. I also duplicate the lineart layers and blur them to make them softer on the eyes; using a Gaussian Blur filter set to 4. The lineart also gets coloured in post production as again it is very easy on the eyes.

6. Export the High Res file without a watermark as a PNG to preserve the transparency, then take it back into photoshop and apply the watermark for online usage. Then with everything done, I can print it and add the finished piece to my portfolio (currently searching for good paper).

Anyways I hope you like it Piwy! I also based her boxart around the official Crypton Boxarts and used a template by: Petra-Ral. It wasn’t easy to replicate but I have tried to get it as close as possible.

Piwy (c) PiwyLullaby

Art (c) Margaret McIntyre