one time i was outside loading branches up into the truck and some were as big as kinda small trees. i want you guys to know that i alone can pivk up a kinda small treein 90° weather

8nx a réagi à votre billet :heirshipping in ranked team builder there’s going…


i asSume so ? what the whole “team builder” thing is they just let u go into ranked q’s with a role picked already so no one fights for it like some ppl do in blind draft pick?? cuz u kno some ppl if their lik 2nd pick but last pick called adc they might be a dicky and lock in an adc so now u can pick ur roles and get in asap?

*gets out and pivks Maya up and walks inside* ~Hannah/// *kisses your neck and pumps faster* ~Liam

——————— *goes inside and sits down in a booth and sits the cat seat beside me* -Niall /// *whimpers* I need you Li! -Em

So a few years ago I started writting a short film based on @lanadelrey ‘s unreleased song Kinda Outta Luck and this was the first outline note wow needs some improveing lol i think i might pivk it back up.