To those attending the Pittsburgh 1989 show on Saturday.

Here is all the information you need to know in regards to parking (lots open around 3pm), box office times (2pm), and door times (5pm), and their bag/purse policies.


Info for anyone seeing 1989 tour in Pittsburgh (Sat. June 6)

Here is the information I know so far…

The clear bag policy is in effect. So you can only have a clear bag no bigger then 12″x12″ or a small clutch (doesn’t have to be clear) that is no bigger then 4.5″x6.5

Parking lots open at 2pm. Presold lots have already sold out.                  Parking near Heinz Field is going to cost $30-$60.

The gates/doors will be opening at 5 pm!!! 😀

Tenth Annual Wincon Vid Show Submissions Open!

As you know, Wincon is multi-fandom, and our Vid Show is a blend of everything that makes that great.

- Hooked on a brand new fandom?
Show us all about it!

Want to match the con theme and do a “Back to the Future” vid?
Great Scott! You’d better make like a tree, and submit it!

- Already formulating your mega crossover vid?
Can’t wait to see it!

- Slashing Disney Princesses?
Who isn’t?

- Haven’t yet come to terms with your favorite show ending?
Bring it back to life and relive the awesomeness!

- Still truly madly deeply in love with Supernatural?
Always in the mood for more!

Vidders: we’re ready for you to show us what you’ve got! Working on something new? We love premieres! Finished up something this year that made you proud? Send it in!

Vidding Fans / Friends of Vidders: you know some amazingly talented folks, and we’d love to include their work in the show even if (sadface) they won’t be able to attend the Con so, please, give your vidding friends a poke to get those juices flowing and send them to this post.. And, if there’s a vid or two that really caught your eye or heart this year, send us a link and/or ask the vidder to get in touch with us about submitting it for the show!

Submission requirements are as follows. Yes, I know it’s a huge teal deer, but moar is moar when you’re answering questions, right?

First, we really need your assistance with a few things:

1) Follow the submission guidelines carefully so that your vids are in a format that we can play with. If the technology isn’t quite what’s expected, and the software we are using won’t convert your files, we’ll have to leave them off the show DVD, and that would make everyone sad. So please, follow the instructions as best you can.

2) Submit your vids no later than 11:59pm EST on Saturday, August 1st. We wish we could offer more time, but we really won’t be able to accept anything later than that.

3) THERE ARE THREE BIG CHANGES THIS YEAR!!! First, no more splitting! Vids are no longer required to be split - you can submit them in mp4, avi, or wmv formats. Second, the limit to the number of vids each person can submit is now two. Third, the submission deadline is no longer the same as Labor Day in the United States - it’s been moved up a month, so pay attention to the deadline!!!

We have a generic email address for things related to the vid portion of the Con. If you have any questions, please send your email to: vids (at) omgwincon (dot) com.

(And now, the technical request you’ve all been waiting for…)

one item that has been on my bucket list for a while now is to have elmakias capture a photo of me. well, that goal was technically accomplished on thursday while waiting in line for the future hearts tour in pittsburgh. I’d like to thank him for freezing this moment in time of me and some rad friends ( goreadorable & lunarlotuss ). thanks for helping me cross that one off the list, adam. (: