i am back from the dead unable to sleep and as such headcannons out the wazoo

pinkie pie:

  • idk if she’s demiromantic panromantic pansexual or demiromantic panromantic asexual or demisexual

  • either way she loves hugging/kissing/cuddling those she loves unless they’re uncomfortable iwth it

  • she’s also genderfluid

  • she has depression

  • if human: black and fat or hispanic and fat

  • maaaybe bipolar too?

pit again

  • this time im doing modern!au because i saw a pic and i was inspired

  • his legs don’t work right and he has to use crutches (i have no idea what the ones that attach to the wrists are called but maybe those)

  • he doesn’t rly like using a wheel chair but sometimes he needs to

  • as for race no idea but boy am i tempted to make him mexican. don’t look at me like that. actually, no, biracial. greek/something else

  • he’s also short

  • and for any version of pit: bi and im still finding a way to sneak a genderqueer headcannon in there

  • angels are weird beings in that they stop aging physically at a certain age with varies for all of them, but they age a looooooot slower than humans. pit is 25 in human years and 13 in ‘angel’ years. he wont age physically anymore.

  • pit can die and come back from fights as much as he wants since palutena can revive him, and the only way to permanently kill him off is getting rid of his wings.

  • pinning down exactly where he lives is a fuss cause the anime eps say: on the ground but ki:u says nothing about this, so here’s my take: he lives in the equivalent of our houses near the gathering place of the army (they have their own houses) which is close to plautena’s temple. 

  • i have no explanation for the 'no time no see’ line he says to palutena tho i’ll just disregard that

Cliente: DIAGEO
Producto/Servicio: Concientizar en el Consumo de Alcohol a la Salida del SuperBowl de los EEUU.

starting the talking to myself blog with a pit headcannon because icon

pit’s inability to fly is due to a development problem called wing dimorphism. when he was younger his wings were tiny as f , and a few years later one became bigger than the other even though both wings were still small and useless. by the time ki came around, his wings had become somewhat of teh same size, yet still small. and even if his wings were capable of lifting him off the ground, they’re weak in the bones and tire way too easily without the power of flight. his wings are p sensitive because of this.

this is considered a disability, and pit is aware of the fact that this will follow him throughout his whole life. he got used to people pointing it out, and if someone asks him nicely and politely (“if you don’t mind telling me, why can’t you fly?”) he actually might explain why, but far from being as direct as pauletena is. he normally says “they’re not big enough” as oppsed to pauletena’s reply of “his wings don’t work right” since teh latter is insinuating “and they never will”. pit is alright with people joking about it, he’s used to it, but he doesn’t deal with it as much seeing as how he’s the last angel after what happened with medusa (ignoring dark pit that is) and captain of pauletena’s army, he’s in too high of a position for non-gods to mock him anymore (they used to). gods don’t hold back on it though, not even pauletena. pit can take jokes from her much better than others, since he knows that she doesn’t mean wrong. if you adress his disability directly (“why can’t you fly” “what’s wrong with you”) he will probably blow up in your face unless, again, you’re kind and polite about it. he doens’t like it at all when pauletena adresses his issue to others without his consent of knowing. he’s tried to tell her but he’s too nervous to tell her “what you’re doing isn’t okay with me and you should stop” since he looks up to her so much and is afraid of offending her.