So I hit 3.1k the other day and haven’t done a follow forever in well forever so follow these great blogs :)


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Age (or just state if underage): 25
Timezone: Central US [GMT -5?]
Activity Level: Moderate


Name: Cora Hale
Age: 19
Group Preferences: BHU Belles first, Treblesome Misfits second, Accapackas NO THANK YOU
Major: Mythology and Folklore; minor: computer science
Bio: A capella was in her blood, something she grew up with. Hales have always be Accapackas, but Cora had been the black sheep since middle school. She wanted to be her own person, step out of the shadow of her family, and maybe even make a name for herself separate of her family. Her major and minor don’t get in the way of her desire to make music with her mouth, though she doesn’t necessarily want a career in it.
Cora just hoped that she wouldn’t constantly get judged against the legacy that was her family in the a capella world.  

The results of the poll are in!!! *drumroll*

… and the winners are:


Of course, now I have to make some sort of graphics and pound out the rules/plot, BUT HELL YES! We’ve officially got ourselves two new verses to play with. If interested, track the tags:

{v; pitchslapped}

{v; running dead}

(Just in case, I won’t be taking reserves until a plot is actually made…)



Name: Steph
Age (or just state if underage): Too old for this shit really
Timezone: GMT +1
Activity Level: 7/10


Name: Erica Reyes
Age: Nineteen
Group Preferences: Accapackas
Major: European History

After being a misfit all throughout high school, Erica reinvented herself between graduation and starting college. She went from the chubby girl that everyone made fun of, to a bombshell. The blonde lost thirty pounds during the summer, and got a complete new wardrobe, consisting of ripped skinny jeans and band tees and corsets, high heeled shoes and army boots. She got her belly button pierced. During orientation, she tried out for the Accapackas, because she always loved singing in the shower, and she could definitely use some friends in college. And the fact that their leader was hot was obviously just a minor detail to that….


Name: Kitty
Age (or just state if underage): Overage! Haha, 26
Timezone: GMT -5 (I think?) EST
Activity Level: Ehh, hopefully at least an 8.


Name: Stiles Stilinski
Age: 19
Group Preferences: Treblesome Misfits
Major: Microbiology/Chemistry (Pre-Med); Minor: Computer Science
Bio: He’s never been the best singer, but he’s passable and can beatbox really well. His true strengths, however, lie in the brains. He can come up with fun choreography and can mix music on his computer for ideas. Even though his father wants him to focus on his Pre-Med work and not kill himself taking on too much, Stiles loves music and singing and it gives him and Scott something to do together

And really, anything that keeps Scott his best friend when faced with a whole new world and better people is a good thing in Stiles’ book.