Thirteen year old Mo’ne Davis pitched a shutout game this weekend, lifting her Pennsylvania Little League team to the Little League World Series. Just to be clear, she doesn’t play on a softball or girls baseball Little League team. Mo’ne Davis gave up just three hits to the boys on the opposing team and didn’t allow any runs to score. But you won’t find her profile on ESPN. Click over to ESPNW to learn more about this very cool and super talented young pitcher. She dreams of playing in the WNBA, but personally I would love to see her pitching in the good ole MLB.

This year, for the first time, two girls will play in the Little League World Series.

photo via ESPN


Sometimes I sit down for two hours and make MLB gifs for no reason so I thought I’d try to do something with a few of the hundred I’ve hoarded away.

So here are some recent MLB pitchers who throw similar to Seidou’s pitchers. Names and pitches under the cut!

Tanba -> Tom Wilhelmsen’s nasty curve causing Alexei Ramirez’s right leg to basically give up.

Kawakami -> Tim Dillard throwing sidearm, look at where the catcher’s mitt starts and ends compared to the other gifs in this set.

Furuya -> Aroldis Chapman throwing unofficially at 106 but recorded 105. He also holds the record for fastest pitch in the MLB at 105.1MPH.

Sawamura -> Brian Wilson has the weirdest 2-seam fastball. I slowed down these gifs a little to make it easier to watch the ball. In the second one it breaks so hard Posey ends up catching it behind Jamey Carroll’s ass. Wilson said in an interview he has no idea which way the ball is gonna move when he throws it.