I got an ask about agents and their relationship to the pitch process, but it’s a broad topic and one I’ve been wanting to address in a more expansive form for a while now, so here’s part 1.  Not sure how many parts there will be, total.  

Okay, so first off, this ISN’T a how-to on how to get work as a comic artist.  That’s a completely different track.  This is geared more towards folks who either want to write and draw their own comics, or at the very least write them.

Graphic Novels have, since the early 2000s, become one of the dominant forms for the comics medium, and have become an increasingly important subset of the publishing industry in general.  But Graphic Novels (which I’ll henceforth refer to as “GNs”) and the method through which they find publication behave much differently than traditional (prose) publication.  I’ve done my best to succinctly outline that which I feel is essential information.


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Thirteen year old Mo’ne Davis pitched a shutout game this weekend, lifting her Pennsylvania Little League team to the Little League World Series. Just to be clear, she doesn’t play on a softball or girls baseball Little League team. Mo’ne Davis gave up just three hits to the boys on the opposing team and didn’t allow any runs to score. But you won’t find her profile on ESPN. Click over to ESPNW to learn more about this very cool and super talented young pitcher. She dreams of playing in the WNBA, but personally I would love to see her pitching in the good ole MLB.

This year, for the first time, two girls will play in the Little League World Series.

photo via ESPN