Here’s the winner of the raffle, Guardians and Pitch Trick-or-Treating on Halloween!

Bunnymund’s and Pitch’s costumes sponsored by Sandy, pretty obvious choices there. Also I attached the costumes as a little transparent .png if anyone wants those.

He looked every inch a great hero. Stalwart. Valiant. Even noble in his Golden Age military uniform. But his determined expression was weary and tinged with sorrow.-William Joyce

The first part of the downfall of poor Kozmotis Pitchiner that i am doing.This is about 25-30 hours of work and i still have a bit to go but as im going through a bit of an artblock i reckoned i would put what i have up so far. 

I truly adore Pitch, and his backstory is simply heartbreaking to me. i could babble on forever about how much i love him but ill leave it at this. Ill try to have the second part of soon but for now i hope you enjoy this tidbit. ;w; /ollies away in embarrassment

Theres a larger version here 

~ I won’t let you hold me back  no matter what I lose

tfwsecretsanta gift for Agentllama

who had wonderful promts in general but the one with Castiel and demaged wings just spoke to me.
I apologize again for the wait, you’re a wonderful person for having participated in the exchange just for the fun of giving.