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(choke chain warning)

some asshole (cis male) commented on my drawing on deviantart that it looks like leona has gained some weight? like what the fuck? yea maybe i like leona with wide hips but that is not “gaining weight”? idk but im pretty sure this is how a normal-not-fictional-skinny-whimpy-shit body looks like?

i fucking hate deviantart so much and the fucking people on it. honestly, the people commenting on my art makes me just feel like crap about my art bc they always comment on flaws about my pictures. it is so rarely that i get some positive feedback on it.

on the same piece, someone commented “LIES! LIES AND SLANDER! Draven would only date Draven.” and i think that is really supid and unnecessary. 

sorry but im just so furious about the deviantart community. i fucking hate deviantart and the fuckers who always have to comment on my  shit