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Bully and Sighthound lovers! This is “Sif”, the abandoned puppy that my friend barefistedbabybrawlers found very likely having been dumped in her neighborhood. He is still pending vet check but no one has come forward to claim him despite him being posted online in usual lost dog areas. No chip.

Best guesses are some sort of whippet x as she lives next to a racetrack, or a bully mix. Rescues are full. She would like to get him into a longer-term foster situation or a forever home. Please if there is any interest in central Alabama or if you can provide transportation to and from, PLEASE let one of us know!


Introducing May’s Limited Edition Pattern: Pitbull-Type Pups

Profits of this month’s sale will benefit the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS!) They’re a great organization, with amazing staff and volunteers, located in Baltimore, MD. The donation will go directly the BARCS’s Franky Fund, a program which provides emergency medical care to homeless pets.

In addition, BARCS is competing in the ASPCA’ Rachel Ray $100k Challenge. They’re working towards saving 2,100 dogs and cats between June 1 and August 31. Best of luck BARCS- we’re rooting for you!



Arriving fashionably late is the June Stash Bag featuring Pitbull-Type Pups.

A portion of the sale of each bag will benefit the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) in Baltimore, MD. I’ve had the happy experience of volunteering at this wonderful organization. Great people doing great things for animals.

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Making Connection, Selling Joy, Saving Lives: I had a small part in helping Kristen Auerbach of the Fairfax County Animal Shelter and Caitlin Quinn of the Animal Farm Foundation present this workshop on marketing pit bull type dogs last weekend at the Virginia Federation of Humane Societies’ yearly conference. Terrifying, but so much fun!




We use the term ‘pit bull type dog’ because that is biologically the most accurate term. In order to understand this, you have to look at the biological history of the present day pit bull type dogs. Their history is twofold.

The bulldog:The bull-baiting, bear-baiting, horse-shredding ‘bulldog’ has existed at least since the reign of Richard III in…

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You don't say....

Somehow William Johnson feels that his child is untouchable yet…. children of pit bull type dogs are not? How many Facebook pages and meme’s have these creeps made of children of pit bull owners? Hundreds. But I forget, its a different set of rules for BSL advocates. It’s perfectly okay for them to use plaster children’s images over their hate pages, exposing them to known pedophiles and…

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pit bulls are great dogs! "pit bull" actually isn't a breed, it's a type. American Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Boston Terriers, and a few others are in the pit bull type. I volunteer at a pit-friendly no kill shelter, and I have a scar down my vein, but I've never felt even sort of threatened by a pit bull type dog. their jaws actually exert only 5 pounds more force than the jaws of a Labrador Retriever, and they don't lock. Maybe you could educate your mom about pi

Oh my god thank you I definitely will

I had to post this because in some cities, like my home city, want to dictate how many of these breeds you can have in your house, if you can have them at all. While I’m glad #DodgeCity “overturned” their ban, they made it difficult for those who love this breed and would like to help foster/rescue them hard to do. In my home town, if you have a Pit bull type breed, they have to be registered (you have to pay to do that), you can’t own or have more then 2 in your house, they have to be spayed/neutered (not argueing with that one) and if you walk your dog in public, it has to be muzzled, rather it has bit or not. This picture is just going to show those people that…You can have more then 2 in a household and they can be just like any other dog. #JJThePit #Deuce #Bella #TheAdventuresOfJJDeuceAndBella #AdoptDontShop #DontBullyMyBreed #Rescues #My4LeggedKids #Pitbull #Pibble #Pittie #Pitador #PittiesOfIG #LifeOfAPitbullMommy #LifeOfAPitbullMom #ILoveMyPitbull #MyPitbullIsFamily #ILoveMyPibble #InstaPit #EndBSL #BanBSL #TeamFloppyEars #PitbullLife #PitbullMom #PitbullAdvocate #MyKidsHave4Legs #MyFurBabies #PitbullMama #Pitsagram