Bully and Sighthound lovers! This is “Sif”, the abandoned puppy that my friend barefistedbabybrawlers found very likely having been dumped in her neighborhood. He is still pending vet check but no one has come forward to claim him despite him being posted online in usual lost dog areas. No chip.

Best guesses are some sort of whippet x as she lives next to a racetrack, or a bully mix. Rescues are full. She would like to get him into a longer-term foster situation or a forever home. Please if there is any interest in central Alabama or if you can provide transportation to and from, PLEASE let one of us know!

Freeman Pibble was found roaming in North Preston, Nova Scotia, cut, swollen and skinny. Animal control brought him to the emergency vet in Burnside, and that’s when he came into my life! A week recovering and getting fixed up at Homeward Bound City Pound, and a week of home rest with me later, Freeman officially became a member of my family. And we couldn’t be happier!

About Preston’s roaming dogs: a lot of the pound’s strays come in from Preston. Most are pit bull type dogs, most are banged up pretty bad, and most are wonderful and sweet. The area is known for groups that dog fight, but sometimes these pups are chained out or in a pen and get away. We can’t ever really say 100% what the past of the Preston Pibbles are, dog fighting or just beat up by other roaming dogs, but we can give them a chance to be loved and secure. The pound has a volunteer walking program, and it was how I was introduced to the love and fun that is a pit bull type dog. It’s easy to volunteer, and the dogs will love you for it!


Arriving fashionably late is the June Stash Bag featuring Pitbull-Type Pups.

A portion of the sale of each bag will benefit the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) in Baltimore, MD. I’ve had the happy experience of volunteering at this wonderful organization. Great people doing great things for animals.

Purchase one at my Etsy Store

Two years ago, in May 2012, Lennox was seized from his family home based on his appearance by Belfast City Council Dog Wardens. Lennox is an adult American Bull dog Labrador cross, who has never had any behavioural problems, has an excellent temperament, and has grown up around children. He is a much loved family pet, but because he meets the measurements of a “pit bull type”, he is deemed unsafe.

His family have battled to try and save him, taking as much legal action as possible to prevent his destruction. On July 2nd 2012, they have acknowledged there is nothing left to try through the courts. Lennox has been living in council kennels for two years and the family can no longer bear to leave him in this situation.

There is a very slim hope that Lennox may be able to rehomed in the USA, but if not, Lennox’s family will have to battle to be allowed to say goodbye to their dog before he is euthanised.


Introducing May’s Limited Edition Pattern: Pitbull-Type Pups

Profits of this month’s sale will benefit the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS!) They’re a great organization, with amazing staff and volunteers, located in Baltimore, MD. The donation will go directly the BARCS’s Franky Fund, a program which provides emergency medical care to homeless pets.

In addition, BARCS is competing in the ASPCA’ Rachel Ray $100k Challenge. They’re working towards saving 2,100 dogs and cats between June 1 and August 31. Best of luck BARCS- we’re rooting for you!


Sales Dogs : You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Be Successful in Sales (Rich Dad’s Advisors series) by Blair Singer, Robert T. Kiyosaki
Sales Dogs : You Do Not Have to Be an Attack Dog to Be Successful in Sales (Rich Dad’s Advisors series)
by Blair Singer, Robert T. Kiyosaki (Book Review)

How to manage each type of sales personality type, the book breaks down the personalities in top five dog types: Pit Bull, Poodle, Golden Retriever, Basset Hound and Chihuahua. Singer does gives example on how to best used each personality to their full potential.

I find that the Investment & Insurance sales are attracting the Pit Bull (hunter), yes the Pit Bull is the best in bring in the originals sales. But, over time they fail to maintain relationships, and lose sales! It cost on average 5-10 times more to gain a new customers then maintain a current customer.

Why, only employ hunters in your sales team? I personal believe this is the left over of the industrial age, where sales people where the sales, marketing and in a big part the advertising for a company. In the information age people are looking for information and often disliked to be sold! The power of soft sales, and soft marketing and what I like to think of as public relations, is the centre of the communications of the company. Yes, it takes longer to gain market share. But, just image I can get 94 hits from about 15 - 20 minutes of work using social media. That would take a telemarketer about half a day! So would you rather pay me $10 for my work as a PR professional or pay the telemarketer about $40. The out come is I am building relationship, and the telemarketing in some cases are outraging, your market!

A note to think about: I just fired my insurance guy, only time he called me when he was losing business! Too late!! This why I always stated that all sales teams need to have a Golden Retriever or Basset Hound (Farmers)! In fact a true farmer can stop selling, and the business will come to them! And most sales teams only motivate the Pit Bull, with their trips and spiffs!! For a Golden Retriever this a big wooppie!!!! The Golden is a super customer service person. They wants to go out of their way to impress and need a win-win motivation!
Great book, I hope people in Insurance & investment will start reading it and learn!!

Book Review By Derek P. Bliedung
Columbus Financial Coach | The Art of Saving Money & Making Money

Derek Bliedung brief back background:
His formal education consisted of liberal arts, public relations and marketing.
He was on both the President’s list and Dean’s list during my time with Franklin University, where he earned his B.S. In marketing, and graduated with honors Cum Laude, and as well earned his undergraduate certificate in public relations management, from McGill University which has been recognized by News and World Report: In 2013 ranked 18th University in the world.

He has had a personal commitment to himself and the community at large to find out why some individuals gain great success and some do not. This has caused Derek to read over 70 books in the area of personal development, investments, money management, financial planning, and marketing. The outcome is that he is teaching others the secret of success, and what action is needed to obtain their goals.


Age: 2 years (as of September 2014)
Sex: female
Breed: Pit Bull Type Dog
Weight: 50 lbs
Date Available: September 9, 2014

Ask for A034364

Woman jailed for killing a man in Rusholme

A woman has been sentenced for killing a man in the hallway of a converted Victorian house.

Tinika Campbell (born 28/3/95) of Dickenson Road, Rusholme had pleaded guilty to manslaughter with diminished responsibility at an earlier hearing.

Campbell was sentenced today, Thursday 11 September 2014, at Manchester Crown Court, Crown Square to life imprisonment and ordered to serve a minimum five years.

The body of 28-year-old Khalid Kassian Hassan, was found in an address on Dickenson Road shortly after 5.15am on Friday 31 August 2012.

Khalid was an asylum seeker from Iraq.

Campbell and a pit-bull type dog were with Khalid when he was found by officers, lying in the hallway of the address, which is an old house that had been converted into flats.

A post-mortem examination found that multiple injuries caused his death, including human and dog bite marks.

After being chased by #Police and struggling with officers, Campbell was detained. Her behaviour was so aggressive and erratic it took eight officers to restrain her.

Family members had grown concerned about Campbell’s behaviour prior to Khalid’s death. She had previously claimed that she was going to die and go to hell.

After her arrest, Campbell was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Senior Investigating Officer Duncan Thorpe said: “There is no indication that Khalid knew Campbell, and only she knows what happened that morning.

“She is clearly a troubled individual and in the wake of this tragedy our thoughts not only go out to the family of Khalid Hassan, but her family too.”

 Click Here to read the story… http://www.emergencyshorts.co.uk/24713/

Pit bull-type dogs

Most dogs that are referred to as pit bulls by society are not actually American pit bull terriers or even American Staffordshire terriers
The majority that I have seen are some kind of mixed breed. American bull dogs, boxer mixes, mastiffs, and many other bully type dogs are called pit bulls. It can be difficult to identify an actual pit bull terrier, which is another reason BSL is bull shit.